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    2nd Annual SGT

    You are all set, they changed it to "J. Michael Clark"! $25.10 due at checking.
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    2nd Annual SGT

    I'm currently totally overextended and need to take that weekend back to take care of other things, so I can't make it. :( But I have site Fri-Sun that was $45.10 that I put a $20 deposit on, so if anyone wants to take over my reservation, it will only cost you $25.10 for a site. Let me know...
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    Skid/Bash plate

    HONDABIKEPRO's skid plate is the way to go if you have a DCT. I love mine.
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    2nd Annual SGT

    I booked and am coming, tent ready and all!
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    Fork gaiters

    Put them on - they look great! Rick
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    The search for waterproof gear, continues....

    Trick at North End - their lower end HYPERVENT is just like GoreTex but without the cost. My rain jacket is their entry level Hypervent jacket.
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    Question for Eastern Florida residents

    Your fastest choice is to stick to I-95 EVEN with construction. They tend to ease up on construction on weekends because of long distance drivers. You should be ok (barring some stupid accident). I recommend you download WAZE on your phone and follow its recommendation. It will re-route you if...
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    Denali DM-2 Micro fender mount

    If you look at TT's nc700 pictures you can see they came up with a third different way to mount them.
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    Denali DM-2 Micro fender mount

    They include the correct bolts if you install it using the included tilting hardware. What is wrong is the image on the package. Longer bolts are required to duplicate that installation.
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    Fork gaiters

    If it didn't look so daunting to install I would do this.
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    Done and done, thanks and so long to all.

    Congrats, think if I ever traded my NC it would be for a Triumph 800, I rented the XC version in Barcelona last September and was very impressed after four days riding through the mountains.
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    Daytona Bike Week

    I will probably be there both weekends.
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    Nc700 skid plate

    Got mine and installed it, great workmanship, fits great and instructions covered all potential pitfalls.
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    Denali DM-2 Micro fender mount

    Forgot to include the picture.
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    Denali DM-2 Micro fender mount

    Installed mine. Bolt they supply fits, if you mount it WITH the adjustable mount and not as shown in their picture. But I went with a longer bolt anyways for a cleaner and simpler installation, similar to their picture.