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Traded my 2016 NC700XD (2466 miles) and 2015 Gold Wing Lvl 1 40th Anniversary Edition (28089 miles) in on a 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES DCT. I’ve wanted an Africa Twin for years but felt the seat was too high for my 30” inseam. During the NC Forum Gathering at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in May, I got to sit on one. I was hooked.
Hello MWS... I too live in Oklahoma...Edmond to be exact. I transferred here from Albuquerque last summer to teach here. That member picture of yours looks more like Albuquerque than Oklahoma... I've got 31,000 miles on my 2012 NC700x. I ride it as a commuter.
I bought the NC to go fishing around the lakes. Happy to say I went fishing with it and caught a nice small large mouth bass. Then I rode the NC out the gravel roads through the nature area instead of the blacktop. What fun!