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    Sargent Seat for NC700X

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    Those who have moved onto next bikes

    Don't have a pic but i got a killer deal on a leftover 2014 CB1100 two years ago and love it but still have my second NC and my DR650
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    Foot peg options

    I got some adjustable pegs from slingshot As I recall they were about $100 and you they had them in several colors.
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    Sargent Seat for NC700X

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    Sargent Seat for NC700X

    While clearing out my shed I found my barely used Sargent seat that was on my original NC. I swapped it for a seat concepts as it was taller. I can’t post pics but can text them. $150 plus shipping. Excellent condition. Thanks
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    are sw-motech footrests really lower then stock?

    A less expensive option in adjustable pegs can be found at They have several colors to choose from as well.
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    most comfortable aftermarket passenger seat

    My mistake.
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    most comfortable aftermarket passenger seat

    I've had a corbin, sargent, and seat concepts on two different NCs. I found the seat concepts to be the most comfortable for me.
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    Sargent a$$ is happy

    I had the seat concepts on my original NC and now have a Sargent seat on my current one. I preferred the seat concepts but now added an Airhawk which increased my comfort considerably as well as raising me a little higher for more legroom.
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    Seat mod......slope change

    I did 350 miles yesterday with the slope mod and a new Airhawk. The difference is phenomenal and still much less pricey than a new seat.
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    So what did you do TO your NC700 today.

    Nothing today but tomorrow I hope to install the Powerbronze hugger, a luggage rack, and my topcase.
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    Goodbye NC700

    I agree, I have Distanzias on my DR650 and I find they do very well on gravel, when it's time to replace the stockers, I'm going to get something a bit more aggressive.
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    Goodbye NC700

    I landed on a pile of stones and the bike hit me on the way down as well.
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    Goodbye NC700

    I don't know, it was much the same as yours, I was going into a corner and hit pea stone and mud that wasn't visible until I was well into the corner. It was wide enough to cause loss of traction with both tires so I slid off the road, down a 15 - 20 foot bank, landed on a pile of stones that a...
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    Goodbye NC700

    I was able to take the new one out this past Sunday, did a nice 350 mile loop around Vt and NH. I even stopped at my crash site so the new bike could see where I killed it's older brother (and almost myself as well):)