Another new NC750X owner - impressions and initial modifications


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Jul 3, 2020
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Unionville, CT
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After 10+ years riding BMW "F" bikes, I decided to switch brands and picked up a 2018 Honda NC750X (Manual) slightly used. After riding about 1500 miles I'll share some thoughts.

  • Handling is pretty good, although I agree with others that the suspension is lacking.
  • Sounds like a motorcycle, especially when you get on the pipe (unlike my BMWs which sounded like a sewing machine).
  • Gas mileage is amazing. I'm getting around 75MPG (seriously!) on my trips.
  • Seat isn't great, but I don't get the push forward that most people are complaining about. Maybe because I have shorter legs?
  • Plenty fast enough for me. Plenty of pickup, especially if you gas it in the sweet spot, around 4500-5000 rpm, it performs quite well.
  • Engine braking (which I highly recommend when riding). This bike has incredible engine braking. Which is good because the US version of the X model doesn't have ABS!
  • WIndscreen - of course is lacking. I'll need a good one for highway and cold weather.
  • Looks cool, I get compliments on the styling.
  • Body panel removal, component access isn't great (as I found when trying to add things). My BMWs, I could have all the panels off in under 30 min.
  • All in all I really like the bike. Its fun to ride, and I've done several 300+ mile rides with no issues.
  • Soupy's lowering kit, dropped the bike about 2" and raised the the forks in the triple clamps per the 3:1 ratio recommended here.
  • Had the sidestand cut/welded 1.25" shorter (should have went a little more). Maybe have them take out another .5"
  • NC750S centerstand
  • Skene modulating brake lights
  • Wolo disk horn upgrade
  • Radiator guard (one of the generic ones off eBay)
  • Bar risers 7/8" back, 1.25" higher
  • Givi EN22 side cases
  • Grip Puppies (highly recommend)
  • pigtails for charger

Still need more lights in front, temp gauge (for outside ambient temperature), maybe a fuseblock for more accessories
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