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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Happy new year from Hertfordshire,UK
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    Fork stem bolt-What metric socket size?

    Hi, What metric socket must be used to remove the large fork stem bolt (26 in this diagram part number 90304-mcf-000) I think it is around 31mm but if someone could confirm this for me I...
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    Hello from the Garden of England

    Hello from Hemel Hempstead,UK. Hope to be back on the bike in the summer after I was Knocked off it in November.
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    Rear suspension service.

    Has anyone had to replace the needle roller bearings yet? If so which tool did you use? The service manual lists the following OEM tools Bearing remover set, 17mm 07936-3710300 Remover handle 07936-3710100 Remover weight 07741-0010201 There are additional tools listed for use with a hydraulic...
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    Andreani Cartidge Fork Kit

    Is this fork cartridge kit any good? Does it work OK on your bike? I looking to fit a full cartridge kit to my NC750X but not sure about the quality of these Andreani kits. How easy are they to fit and adjust? What range of spring rates are available? Any more information would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Rox risers installed

    Has anyone from the UK fitted a pair of Rox risers to their NC750X DCT? I just need to know which cables/hoses need to be adjusted/moved before I have a go at fitting mine. Thanks.
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    SW Motech Shift Lever Modification

    Or even better this For Honda NC700 S / X 12 13 Black Rider CNC Front Foot Pegs 39mm Riser | eBay and a 25mm extension piece.
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    NC700X Designer

    I hope he didn't design the lock on the luggage box/frunk as well.
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    Anyone moving on from a cbr250r?

    I'm part exchanging my CBR250R for a new NC750X (June delivery). I've not been able to test ride the NC yet and I'm worrying that I have not made the right choice. My main reasons for moving to the NC is that the riding position of the CBR is too "sporty" and a lot of my weight is on the...
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    What riding gear would you buy NOW if you were buying?

    Aerostich Roadcrafter without hesitation. Bought mine over 5 years ago and it's the best investment I've ever made in motorcycle clothing. I've ridden the bike in very heavy rain, Wind and what passes for summer here in the UK. I've had few leaks in the crotch area in VERY heavy rain, but thats...
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    Width at handlebar and mirrors

    If I don't have any luck just pushing it through normally I might try one of these bike glide buddy's 360 Degree Bike Glide Buddy or a Renntec Moovamoto paddock stand Moovamoto Paddock / Workshop Stand From Renntec I'll keep everyone posted. David.
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    Southeast England meet and ride to the south coast anyone?

    I'll let you know when I've ordered and had delivered my bike (hoping for around Easter). Definately a day over the summer. David.
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    Wrist pronation (twisting) and handlebar choice

    Just had a visit to a Hand therapist for treatment on my sore left wrist (just inflammation). Mentioned to her that I am changing my motorcycle for one with a more upright riding position. She mentioned trying to avoid wrist pronation (twisting) and allowing the wrist to have a more relaxed...
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    Commute into London, UK

    There are plenty KFC chicken shops in central London but not sure about Surrey. The bigger fast food "restaurants" are located near to the entrance/exits of motorways. The zig zag lines prohibit overtaking at pedestrian crossings. David.
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    Bar Adjustment

    Hi, Can anyone help me to choose which one of these I should use? RoxSpeedFX Has anyone in the UK bought a set of these from another UK supplier? Thanks. David. PS Just bought a pair from here instead