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Question New Tires

Yep, that is why I stopped buying motion pro....I commuted 400 Mike a week on the straight superslab and the last time I had the motion pro, the rear cord was showing when I got to work l.....looked fine when I left and plenty of tread other than the center.....no wear bars in the middle, no tread in the middle.
Yes, you're right, the tread grooves apparently get close to, but do not cross center. With straight local roads and long highway miles, my rear tire always wears dead center first. I like a tire that puts the wear bars at or near center, because that is where the main wear is.

I’ve had tires where the wear bars, being way off center, were fine; tire had no tread groove in the center to judge rubber thickness. Go for a short ride and the next thing I know there’s cord showing down the middle.
I had great luck with Avon Trail riders on my CB500x for both street and loose gravel. Anyone else have experience with these? Thinking about going to these on my NC once the Michelins wear out.
I'm on my 2nd set of them on my 2018 NC and I like them. They behave on most gravel (even loose) roads and are fine on the highway and twisties. They probably aren't as sticky and precise as Michelins, and they seem to wear out around 7-8k. Good all around tire, especially if you're going to venture off on the occasional unpaved road. If you're doing strictly street, probably there are better choices.
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