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Aug 24, 2020
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Las Vegas, NV
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(Posted on the 750X sub-forum as well)

Took delivery of a 2020 NC750X DCT yesterday (the only positive thing I want to remember about this year). The dealer wouldn’t let me test drive it but I read every review and ½ the YouTube videos and decided it would work for me.

Twenty years of riding after a twenty year lapse; bikes owned: BMW’s 1100RS, 1150RS, 1200RT (wish I still had it), Piagio BV350, Suzuki SV650 “westrom”, BMW G310GS (still have) and Honda Metropolitan (Ditto). Three time Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 rider. Started out on a Yamaha 55 and Suzuki S-6 Hustler.

Love my 310GS but can’t keep up with my ‘Wing rider friend. The NC-X looks perfect for my style of riding and I am falling in love with the DCT. Live in Las Vegas (baby!) and there’s lots of traffic and some really nice/long stretches just out of town. Plan on short tours and riding around town.

I’ve already learned quite a bit from reading this forum for just a few days. Hope to gain much information and make some contributions. The bike is a blank canvas and many farkles await, starting with luggage and center stands. I could use some recommendations.

Thanks in advance!

Steve Oliver
Las Vegas, NV
2020 Honda NC750X DCT
2018 BMW G310GS
2016 Honda Metropolitan