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Lower deflectors

I like the lowers idea, but now my gears are turning: on my GL1200 I had adjustable wings on the lower fairing. I could direct the airflow out, or move and pull air in on my legs. Of course, behind all the tupperware that was really nice. I'm wondering if adjustability on the NC would be useful or too much Rube Goldberg for little affect? I'll have to save the next large shipping box for some CAD work. :)
If I can do a job that allows adjustable lowers, I would begin working on them today. Before I did my fabrication job, I researched aftermarket "wings" only to be disappointed. The only problem with my lowers is that they need to be removed, not adjusted. I would have preferred Goldwing style or Baker Built wings but nothing even came close to the NC. Even the space on our frame was too fat, no frame-engine clearance or wires are in the way. This is why I went with stainless hose clamps and a rubber gasket on the fabricated L bracket to frame, makes for a very sturdy grip. On a long trip, I can add/remove them in a few minutes of time. It "looks" good, close to OEM and functions flawlessly.
The windshield extension functioned great, but it was fugly, so that's gone. When I was at the dealer two days ago they had a used bike with a screen extender. I laughed cause it was broke. So, I can pay $150. for an OEM looking piece of junk? Honda does not offer a larger screen worth a damn. I'll keep researching screen extenders or maybe fabricate something myself with another try. My Givi screen needs to be 3 1/3" taller. This is the first time Givi let me down.