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    New member welcome thread..

    I would say try to get a test ride of the NC and see if you click with it's unique low rpm easy going character. Specs, reviews, and all of the research that goes into a bike is great, but it is putting your behind in the saddle and seeing how you and the bike like each other is where things...
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    Short Factory Windscreen on the Front Range?

    Weekends typically is about the only time I am able to break free from regular insanity. LOL
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    Short Factory Windscreen on the Front Range?

    I am 6'2" but I am long on the inseam. I do however use a seat that raises me up to get me some more legroom so that helps me to see over the taller windshields. Give me a shout if you want to sync up for a ride. :) I am in the Colorado Springs.
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    Short Factory Windscreen on the Front Range?

    Chris, If you want to try a Vstream tall windshield I have one you can try. I am in your neck of the woods. It is a very solid and sturdy windshield, but it creates a lot of turbulence for me. So so I went back to the Madstad.
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    LED Headlight swap.

    So we have not had anyone swap out the halogen assembly for the LED one yet? Any idea how hard it would be to retrofit the LED wiring so it can be used with the previous model bikes? Anyone on the forum know how to rewire one of these LED's if we could get our hands on one to test?
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    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

    I didn't see any of the Kappa K33n's posted in the thread so I thought I would post these. They are the baby brother to the V35 Givi's. I paired them with the V47 Givi topcase.
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    nc700 rear rack

    Those seats are worth the hassle, effort, and money. Your backside with thank you. It really does make the bike an all day riding experience and still be comfortable at the end of the day.
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    What is your other ride(s) if any?

    I added a Victory Cross Roads to the garage this spring. However until I can get the seat replaced to help long ride comfort the NC is the ride it all day in comfort bike. The Victory's name is Velvet and the power is nice, cruise control is wonderful. But the NC is so nice and light, and a...
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    Fuel tank capacity?

    I found that if I short shift and slow down and keep it around 65mph I can get 80mpg out of my 2012 NC manual trans. Elevation and riding style play a huge role in what kind of range you can get. Like others have said if you are going to ride fast then adjust your range expectation. I live at...
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    Finally!!! Zero Wind Noise Windscreen / Spoiler Blade Solution

    The Madstad gives the that ability to raise it, lower it, increase or decrease the angle and that does help dial in a better air flow for your specific needs. I know there is another bracket out there that you can use with a shield like the Vstream that will also allow you to make those...
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    Finally!!! Zero Wind Noise Windscreen / Spoiler Blade Solution

    I did a bit of experimenting last year with a setup like this. I went from the Madstad to the Vstream, and tried adding the variable adjustable deflector to it, but it is just too tall and in my way. I do not want anything in my line of sight and have not really found a position out of my line...
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    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    That is a very nice look, very unique bag and bike combo. I like it!
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    nc700 rear rack

    I ordered my rack from Dale back in Feb, but I have been distracted with another bike lately. So I finally got around to giving my NC some love and put the rack on the bike. If you don't often carry a passenger, but do carry some gear with you I can give this 2 thumbs up. This rack is built...
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    Motorcycle Insurance for the NC700X in the USA

    I was a little surprised. I added a Victory to my garage this year. It is a lot more expensive bike than my NC and the rate is about 30% more for the NC than the Victory. I thought that was a bit strange. Not sure how they are characterizing the NC, but it seems a little off.
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    Replacing front turn signals with driving lights

    Thanks 670cc, yes it is that flasher module, not a resistor. Thanks for posting the link. Not sure if that is what the OP had in mind, but that is pretty cool repurposing the running lights in this way.