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    Adding a 12V buss off battery for accessories

    thanks for the info. This is what i need to do. Just too many electrical connections directly on the battery. Thinking about the electrical block.
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    Easy fork seal leak fix.

    had a small leak on the fork seal area. Oil seeping down on to the garage floor. I cut out a small plastic container and made a small hand tool out of it. I inserted the tip of the tool onto the chrome fork and worked my way around it. cleaned it off and did it again. Then i compress the forks...
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    Chain and sprocket question..

    I had to replace my chain and sprockets after my alaska trip last season. I had close to 20,000 miles on them. Yes, I babied my chain. I just installed a chain oiler (scott oiler) will see if i can squeeze more miles out of my new chain.
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    NC700x SEAT

    ok, will take photos of the seat in a day or two. With and without the back support.
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    NC700x SEAT

    i have a 32" inseam. I do admit its harder to stop and stand still at the stop light. Riding wise it is nice.
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    NC700x SEAT

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I upgraded my seat to the Russell day long. The seat sits higher about 1". what a difference this seat makes while riding all day. The stock honda seat was a pain in my rear and I had to stop frequently. The russell day long seat is very comfortable and I...
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    Negative comments from others about DCT

    I don't follow the crowd (masses), If i wanted a motorcycle with the DCT, then i will get it. I have the DCT and i love it. Yeah, I know how to ride with a clutch. So.... whats the big deal. This is what i want (dct) and i have no regrets.
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    Maintenance before a long trip

    I'm also from the sf bay area. Also heading to alaska in JUNE. See you on the road (red NC700x - dct) My riding partner has a bmw K in maroon color.
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    second long distance trip will be in JUNE 2019, heading to fairbanks, alaska from san francisco bay area. first long trip was from san francisco bay area to whisler, british columbia canada back in 2017 same exact bike and color as drdubb except its a 2013 model. ken
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    Is it worth buying and changing tires for slightly off-road riding?

    i'm trying to get my vacation time in. Trying to get a month or a tad less. Target will be around late may till late june
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    Is it worth buying and changing tires for slightly off-road riding?

    good to know, my riding partner says it should be ok with road tires.
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    Is it worth buying and changing tires for slightly off-road riding?

    Good to know. I rode from san francisco to whisler, bc (canada) on my nc700x back in 2017 on pilot road 4 tires. however it was all pavement. Planning a trip this year from san francisco to fairbanks, alaska. Reading this thread to find out if i really need to get tires shinko's or tk's. So...
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    Honda Riding Assist

    yeah me too. :o
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    Throttle Lock?

    I just installed them. I read the instructions that koako had and the bar weight did not come out. Used the so called GODZILLA method. Big hammer and a pair of big pliers. About 2 to 4 whacks and it popped out. Installation of the koako was easy. Just a matter of a few minutes. *hardest part...
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    Throttle Lock?

    I purchased the kaoko throttle lock and it came in today. I haven't mess with the handle bar weights as yet. I hope its not a pain in the a*s to take those weights out. ken