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Handbuilt Show 2023: Discounted Tickets for the New Season


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Nov 11, 2011
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Ah, the Handbuilt Show.

Considered one of the bigger in-your-face homages to physical craftsmanship, the Handbuilt dedicates herself to her riders, her builders – but most of all, her bikes.

Here, you will find every machine imaginable (and some a little harder to imagine), with previous years touting anything from that one replica 1910 Indian motorcycle we covered back in September, to a completely custom unit christened ‘The Fuse’ (housing a Ducati 1100 air-cooled engine, if you can believe it).

Yup, we’re looking forward to 2023’s lineup of lovingly-built beauties rolling up to the usual location in Austin, Texas – in fact, tickets have just gone on sale!

Expect to fork over around $40 (sans taxes) per sapien for the 3-day event, which we’re told will take place April 14-16 – and if the price doesn’t convince you that tootling down to the Lone Star State is a good idea, the guys at Revival will.

The Handbuilt is coming to 2023! Media sourced from Revival Cycles*
The Handbuilt is coming to 2023! Media sourced from Revival Cycles*

“Although in today’s modern mass-produced world few young people are taught how to do physical work or are encouraged to embrace a trade, there remains a universal attraction to the beauty that can only be formed by human hands,” explains Revival.

“By sharing this work, we add fuel to a revolution in the making… this renaissance of working with our hands has helped create the movement that is the custom motorcycle scene… [and] it is our vision that those that visit The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show will be inspired to pick up tools and use their hands to make something of their own.”

Are you going to be at the Handbuilt? If so, are you going with a bike to show or a set of peepers for a gander at one of the world’s largest custom motorcycle shows?

Let us know in the comments below; we’ll keep you updated on other news trickling down the pipeline, so sit tight, grab those tickets, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

*Media sourced from Revival Cycles*​

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