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    Near Roanoke Virginia
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    Drive chain maintenance

    This is my first time dealing with a chain. I have always had shaft drive. I am way nervous, and still a little confused. Going to read it over word by word as I perform the functions. Thanks. How will I know while I am riding if I screwed up? Thanks Steve
  3. SJwords NC700x Virginia 2

    SJwords NC700x Virginia 2

  4. Virginia


  5. SJwords NC700x Virginia

    SJwords NC700x Virginia

  6. Heading Back to Arizona

    Heading Back to Arizona

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    AMVETS Riders

  8. The Day I Bought My Bike

    The Day I Bought My Bike

  9. My Bike and My Pack

    My Bike and My Pack

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    Groceries 3

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    Groceries 2

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    Air Force Helmet