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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    And yet here in the PNW they’re prevalent.
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    Boom 670 is throwing down!
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    hey Rudy, may i inquire as to why you need to remove your fuel tank? :{)
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    Question Looking for tire reccomendations under $200 for whole set.

    no sir, my thought was to try them out as well and see. :{)
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    Welcome to the ride HotDog and a hearty welcome from northern Idaho! :{)
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    Question Looking for tire reccomendations under $200 for whole set.
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    welcome to the ride Rudy30, and a hearty welcome from northern Idaho USA! :{)
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Dude, no kidding. Man that looked delicious!! :{)
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    Nc700 skid plate

    Although i haven't seen any pictures of them either, i can say that if they are anything like the racks he makes than they are Top Shelf quality! I have been fabricating things for many years and was very impressed with Dale's work when i received my rack. I later ordered the windshield nut...
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    Looking for a winter windscreen

    Here is my pitch for the Parabellum. I have used a few others and like this one the best so far. I am 6'6" with 36" inseam and i purchased the 24" tinted one. It was free shipping and came with a 30-day money back guarantee!! I had it mounted on my 2012X and now have it on my 2015XD. Both bikes...
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    Corbin Issues

    I have heard that is a common problem with Corbin seats, that the rear is difficult to open/close or the rear lip/edge of the front seat needs to be modified for the rear to even fit. Great looking seat though... I have a Corbin that i am using now(while i am waiting to save up enough $$$ for...
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    Blowing fuses on charging circuit

    haha, gotta love easy fixes. So glad that is all it was my friend as it could have been so much worse... :{p
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    Hi from The Netherlands

    Hey Rene' welcome back. I too completed my treatments and they went very well for me. I recently had my last follow up with them and still a clean bill of health and low acid levels. Sadly i too just ended a nasty divorce, 27 years. Happily, i too recently got really nice 2015 NC700XD DCT and am...
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    Down but not out!!!

    simply amazing, again glad you were unscathed! :{)