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    Is engine braking bad? I mean really braking by the engine...

    When I had my 2015 DCT, I learned to never “blip” the throttle. The clutches are essentially “always engaged” - except for that short period of time when the electronics are engaging / disengaging / slipping. Blipping the throttle at just the right time to help with a downshift seems nigh on...
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    RE: Close call today, countersteering and leaning still freaks me out.

    “but I will take a more active role in determining my attitude and how that might effect my riding.” Good on you for continuing your moto education. I think (hope) that, as you become more experienced and comfortable, you will find that riding will affect your attitude - quite positively.
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    Bike behaving oddly? Wierd idle, running rich ETC

    Quote -“By the way, there is no reason to rev the engine while the bike is stationary.” My NC was a DCT and I had to learn very quickly that you don’t rev the engine at a red light, else the bike would jump out from under me... ;-)
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    Random thoughts / pics thread

    Random thought for the day.. A honey bee can get almost 5,000,000 miles per gallon of honey.
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    Any known problems to look for.

    Here is a list of all the problems that I had with my 2015 DCT (over 26k miles): 1) Oh yeah, there were none Enjoy the bike! >T
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    NC750x DCT <-- Drive Mag, Best Commuter Motorcycle

    Not toot my own horn but I think I’ve been saying that the NC is the best commuter bike ever since I bought my 2015.... the press finally figured it out.
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    Those who have moved onto next bikes

    This is my newest ride.... it‘s awfully cool but I still miss my NC on some days. >Thom
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    New-ish member from South Carolina

    Welcome aboard Pete. When I replaced the stock sprockets/chain on Skookum, I bought a combo pkg with sprockets and chain from Sprocket Center. I stayed with the stock tooth counts and selected a DID x-ring chain with rivet-style masterlink. I think I paid around $130. I was happy with the...
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    SOLD.. 2015 NC700X DCT - $3700

    I will continue around the forum, it’s a good place to hang out. The new ride is a 2011 R1200GS.. Only time will tell if it was a good choice.... >T
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Nope. I originally bought the NC as a commuter (I was riding 52 miles a day / 6+ days a week to our hobby shop) and she was the perfect choice! What a great bike. I retired, sold the store, and convinced myself that I needed something bigger to haul more stuff, cover bigger miles faster, handle...
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    upgrade 2021?

    I’m a bit of a “grumpy old man” who believes in old school simplicity. I am not of fan of keyless. Too many stories of dead batteries and lost or cranky fobs. More electronics just seems like more failure points.... I know... call me boomer. Heck, I just sold my 2015 bike and now I’m left...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Delivered my NC to her new owner. It was a delightful ride of about an hour. I was Covid-careful and the only stop was at the handoff in the McD parking lot. Gloves, helmet, and lots of alcohol were involved. Now it’s back to self quarantine. it was interesting to note all of the bike riders...
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    SOLD.. 2015 NC700X DCT - $3700

    I delivered the bike today to a meeting point with Skookum’s new owner, Chris. We may see him on the forum one of these days. We briefly chatted about it and I guess he’s been here during his research. fyi... we were both cognizant of covid concerns. He wore rubber gloves. I wore gloves and...
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    Might be a problem.... the “rear carrier saddlebag mount” looks like it’s a different p/n.
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    SOLD.. 2015 NC700X DCT - $3700

    The bike is sold..... I will miss her.... >Thom