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    Hotwired brand heated jacket

    this looks like the "Venture" branded jacket I just got (would not surprise me if they are made at the same factory and just branded differently - even the control button is identical). I just got the glove liners to go with my jacket and love them both. They are all independently controlled -...
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    What's Your Most Incredible Motorcycle Experience?

    Riding Alaska last summer (2019) was amazing and beautiful. The standout was riding the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel into and out of Whittier. 2.5 miles, one lane with railroad tracks (inbound and outbound changes on the 1/2 hour in the summer), so the space for a motorcycle is literally...
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    Close call today, countersteering and leaning still freaks me out.

    In addition to all the excellent advice, I'd emphasis the "kiss the mirror" advice by MZ5. I've learned that body mechanics reinforce countersteering and looking-where-you-want-to-turn. Body mechanics (i.e., putting some body weight on the side you are turning into) is also a must-have...
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    Alright lets vote! Not political lol!

    I've carried an entire pannier of tools and repair supplies for 5 years, and all I've ever needed was a zip tie. Can't bring myself to leave it at home, but realistically I'd probably call roadside assist if it was at all serious. Can't see me doing a major repair on the side of the road. As...
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    NC700X wing mirror respray

    Maybe try PlastiDip spray … a lot of folks have used that on many body parts.
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    Heated vest

    Yep, no more of this:
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    Heated vest

    The liner came in, and I confirmed my SAE pigtail for my battery tender was properly fused, so I just used an SAE-to-coax cable to run the liner. Took it out yesterday with morning temps in the low 40’s. Hedged my bet and in addition to my normal long sleeve compression shirt I added a thermal...
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    Heated vest

    After 5 years of riding without heated gear, I just bought a heated jacket. I can usually layer for winter riding just fine, but the idea of not feeling like Ralphie's brother and being less bulky is appealing. I bought a Venture 12v/75 amp jacket...
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    MFW Vario Adjustable Foot Pegs

    Fantastic - thanks for the detail!
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    MFW Vario Adjustable Foot Pegs

    What highway pegs are you using? Those look comfy! I just can’t find any that actually fit the goofy 27mm of the SW Motech crash bars, so trying to see if I can attach to the frame as you did.
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    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    Heated grips (Oxfords) were one of the first things I added on my 2015. I ride year round, and with heated grips and good winter gloves I can ride comfortably in the 30's and 40's. I don't have any heated gear, but use the same layering approach I use when I ski, and that works great...
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    Riding attire?

    For hot weather I have both a FirstGear Mesh Tex jacket and a Klim Induction (the Klim is much better, and a lot more expensive). Both have D30 armor (I upgraded the FirstGear with separate armor). For colder weather, I have a FirstGear Kilimanjaro jacket -- awesome, easily layered under...
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    What Dry Bag do you use for travel?

    I use a FirstGear Torrent 40L -- it was enough for a week in Alaska (but we were riding everyday, not much walking around except dinners, so I didn't need a lot of street clothes).
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    Question “Blind” buying used NC750x DCT

    If the bike is newer or lower miles, and you can find out if basic maintenance was done, I don’t think it would be a major risk. Also, if buying from a dealer, see if you can get a warranty - even 90 days would give you time to thoroughly check the bike out. There’s little maintenance on the...
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    How to improve the ground clearance on 2013 NC700X DCT?

    I gained a bit more clearance when I installed my Ohlins rear shock with weight-correct spring. I didn't measure the difference because I wasn't looking for more clearance, just better ride, but with the stock spring cranked down, just dangling my legs I would completely flatfoot the bike --...