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    ...SOLD................................LIKE New Saddleman NC700 Seat

    Is this for a finished driver's saddle and the foam and cover for, but not including, the pillion pan? Thanks for clarification
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    Givi Crash bars installed

    The plastic would grind away before the metal in a slide
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    Trunk Key Elimination I believe this is a thread that I referenced when I made my emergency release for the frunk. The little black "Tug" that you see is stainless steel cord wrapped with electric tape so that it was low visibility. I can...
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    What's the slowest speed you'll shift into sixth?

    Like many others here, my shift points have me holding lower gears longer as I accelerate and finding them a bit sooner as I slow. I tried sticking with recommended shift points, bit it FELT a bit lurchy for my liking and lacked ability to accelerate if needed.
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    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

    Melensdad, I hate to hijack this laser focused thread, but as long as you are posting pics with masks... I saw this a while ago and thought of you. I couldn't figure how to link it in a pm though
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    Inexpensive slip on that is not junk, does it exist?

    Your link takes me to a pair or $4,000 headphones...almost the cost of my NC!
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    What's the slowest speed you'll shift into sixth?

    These are listed in my 2015 700x manual.
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    Question About Wind Screens And Saddle Bags

    Count me in, and I can feel justified saving old scratched up visors too.
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    How To 2012-2015 Negative Display Mod

    This is an awesome way to personalize your bike, nice job Outside of looking cool, and I do think it looks very cool, are there any advantages as far as visibility goes? Is it different depending on Day vs night, or is it any easier wit the sun providing glare? Also, thanks for taking...
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    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    Glad it was helpful, a drop in the bucket of helpful info I've seen you share.
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    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    Uploading a bunch of photos that show the different opening dimensions of the trekker 33. As you (hopefully) can see the opening is slightly reduced at the latch. Personally, I pack in separate stuff sacks, the largest of which can fit with some finagling. I also included a photo with a piece...
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    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    I think the top box is probably my favorite. Always a spot for my helmet and lunchbox (which can be swapped with my jacket once at work). I use the side cases for this time of year to stow away insulated pants and extra sweatshirt for the morning commute -in the upper 30s-low 40s right now.
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    nut plates for winshields

    When I click on a name, a little box pops up with some profile info, an avatar, and 3 little "option boxes" -FOLLOW, IGNORE, and START CONVERSATION. I only use mobile, but I simply click on the START CONVERSATION box and go from there.
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    nut plates for winshields

    I reached him with a direct message