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Looking for info on shinko tires for my 2016 nc700x dct. I would like something that is a direct fit no mods and is 80/20. Thanks
Hey Banjo! Itlives here. I lost my phone and your contact info. I've got a September trip planned to Bear Tooth Pass . Send a text 319-518-6054 so we can catch up.
Hi Weber, not sure if you're still active on this site, but I'm hoping you might have a free moment to help me. I read a post related to your 1/2" emt conduit bars, but unfortunately the link and searches doesn't bring anything up on the Forum. I'm looking to make a rack system for some soft-sided cases.

Thanks much!
I'll take your Madstad windscreen if it's still available. Message me back with shipping cost to Zip 82072
omg...just now am seeing your message! I didn't get any notification. My apologies for that! If you still want it, it is just under 4 lbs and if I send it via ups, ground, the shipping is just under $22 I'm assuming it's going to Laramie...I looked up the zip. Sorry again for the delayed response.
Greg - you wanna sell the CalSci?
It got broken when I was on a fire road and dropped into a rut and rolled into the dirt hill, nose first, at about 2 mph. The screen hit the dirt embankment and cracked in two. Hence my need for the Madstad.
How are you liking the Africa Twin as compared to the NC? I’m debating a DCT Africa Twin (used, 2018-2019) or a 2018+ NC750X. I test rode my first AT DCT today and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel too tall, had much better suspension and wind protection than the NC. What do you think?
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I like the AT AS ES DCT a lot. It’s heavier with the 6.5 gl tank, the seat is more comfortable, the power is excellent, and I really like the Apple CarPlay. My 5400 mile trip out to Nevada and back was awesome. In many ways the AT trip this year was better than my previous trips on my Gold Wing. As I started loading my NC up with bags etc, I realized it was going to feel so under powered to me.
Back in the RDL Saddle again and puttin' on the miles!! :{)
The 2012 NC700x manual with it's RDL seat has been traded to MyCroft for his 2015 NC700xd DCT! We're both really liking our new-to-us bikes and racking up the miles on each. :{)
Hey Ken, I was just admiring one of your bike photos. Curious to know where you purchased the back support for seat and which crash bars you installed? Both look good!