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Hello, is the skid plate still available? Shipping to 44028, just west of Cleveland, thanks.
Due to the size of the box, I’m seeing the best I can do on shipping is $40-$50 dollars from Illinois . If you’re interested in the skid plate, I’m willing to call the shipping an even $30 and I’ll just eat whatever it might be over that. Does it matter to you if it ships UPS or USPS? Either way it’s 2-3 day transit time. UPS is a tad cheaper so that’s what I would do.

230 sounds great, and I have no preference on shipping. What's best method of payment for you?
OK, $230 it is. PayPal is the best payment method, but only using the friends and family method to avoid credit card and PayPal charges. If you need to use a credit card I’d have to up the price to compensate. My PayPal account is [email protected]. I’ll be shipping it from central Illinois. Thanks!
Hi, I just bought a rsv4 shock. I wondered what adjustment you did to yours ? By chance, would you have any pics /data about preload, rebound and compression settings ?
On Christmas Day my wife and I did 118 mile ride, 2 up, on the 2016 NC700XD around Dale Hollow Lake. Stopped in to take a look at the state park in Kentucky. Interesting overlook of Trooper Island. A place where state troopers can take their sons and do some father son bonding. This was our second 100 mile ride and I believe she has had about enough of the stock seat. In spite of the seat it was a great ride.
Had a couple of static lay downs in the first year of owning the ST, but not during the last 11. Lately have been concerned laying it down at low speed. The nc has solved that problem for me.
Thank you for supporting the site!!
Best sites deserve support. I also support GoldWingDocs,, and And a couple others: Minimalist Motorcyclists and Steppes To The West camel caravan.
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Welcome to the site! Glad you were finally able to join!!
honda curt
Thanks so much! Will do intro when I get done with this X-MAS shopping.
Hey man if you havent already, could you post a list of the aftermarket parts that you've installed?
Do you still sell the nuts or nut plates I need to use a tall screen? I just ordered a 24" screen that's probably going to need them, thx.
Sorry, I haven't been on the forum in quite a while. I don't recall having issues getting the controls moved to where I wanted them. I think the rear brake took a little fiddling but didn't take long to figure out how to get it working for me.
Dale, I have the NC750XD and would like the rear seat replacement rack with fuel cutout in black, shipping to Virginia. What is the total cost these days? Please PM or contact me at

[email protected]

Oh, do you accept PayPal?
Thank you, Jim Rhoades
Very decked out 2013 for sale. 13,000 miles. See my signature for a partial list of farkles. Also new Michelin spare tire set and Dunlop Q3’s on it.
First $5k cash gets it. Located in monterey, cal. Will pay shipping.
Photos on request.
Hey EB, welcome to the Ride. A hearty welcome from Northern Idaho!! :{)