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Yet another DCT question

I would recommend getting a battery brick with cables, instead of just jumper cables. I was having issues with my car's battery and used my Noco boost sport several times without charging it up, which is done with a USB cord. I also had to use it when I was having battery issues with my NC700. Be sure to always have your dealer check the power on a "new" battery they sell you BEFORE paying for it.
I really like those start packs. I always carry one if I am riding out of town. When I camp the start pack recharges my phone and other electronics.
Agreed. Also, a jump start pack makes you more independent. Jumper cables, OTOH, generally force you to rely on someone else to help you resolve your problem.
I have a jump pack also. One of the cheap chinese but it has jump started my lawn tractor and my diesel Case tractor....by the way, dont ask a hybrid owner for a jump...they probably wont (I wont) as hybrids are not designed to 'start' any vehicle with a starter (hybrids dont have one)....