Was about to give praise to our drivers of cars......


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Apr 7, 2014
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The first car that turned left in front of you just didn't see you. Did you notice the sun was at your back? Your wearing black and on a black bike. Make yourself more visible. Add some extra lights and a white helmet. The others mishaps were driver issues but that is something your not going to change but you can change your attitude. Way to aggressive and that sort of thing is going to land you in the hospital. At 3:10 in the video where the drive cut you off it was just someone that didn't know how to use the roundabout. You instinctively new there was a chance of getting cut off and acted accordingly. Good for you! At 3:21 when the silver SUV pulled out you had plenty of time to see what was going on but you were just pissed at what happened at 3:10 and your aggression was getting the best of you. The silver SUV driver didn't anticipate your speed, saw an opening and took it. Going up to the window and yelling at the poor lady was not a good thing. It didn't accomplish anything and that sort of thing can get you killed in the States. You have no idea who's carrying and if he or she is having a bad day or is fearing for they're safety you could end up with a few holes in you.

Check your attitude when on the bike, don't ride aggressively in traffic and make yourself SEEN. You will be amazed in the reduction of incidences and you will live longer to enjoy the ride.

PS Just wondering your age? Under 25?