The 2021 Triumph Motorcycle Lineup + Our Take On Each Model


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Nov 11, 2011
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The Triumph Lineup Has Never Been Better​

You’ve got to love Triumph Motorcycles. Even if you’re not going to buy one of these machines, you have to admit that the company has a compelling lineup from the Bonnevilles to the Rocket 3 there’s a lot gawk at.

Last year Triumph rolled out some really big-deal bikes. This year, it also has some new additions to its lineup that you should be good and excited about. 2021 should be a very good year for Triumph, indeed. Here are the bikes in the lineup this year.

Modern Classics​

2021 Triumph Street Twin​

2021 Triumph Street Twin

The 2021 Street Twin is the bike that kicks off the Modern Classics line of motorcycles. These are all the bikes-based-on-the-Bonneville platform. The Street Twin is handsome, and it brings a kind of timeless style to the lineup. It’s a bike that’s built for street use and should thrill you, too. It brings high quality-components and specifications at a reasonable price point.

The engine is a 900cc twin. That engine makes 59 lb-ft of torque and 65 hp. You won’t be blasting into space, but you’ll get around just fine. There are also over 140 accessories for you to buy to make your Street Twin unique.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T100​

2021 Triumph Bonneville T100

The 2021 Triumph Bonneville T100 is the true base-Bonneville. The Street Twin is nice, but if you want some real nostalgia, this is it. It brings the classic Triumph Bonneville look, but with a modern engine, features, accessories, and ergonomics. If you’re chasing that vintage feel on a modern motorcycle, this is a fine choice.

The T100 features the same lovely 900cc twin engine that you’ll see in several motorcycles. It makes 59 lb-ft of torque and 65 hp. It’s no powerhouse, but it’s a more than competent engine for city and highway treks. There’s also a Blacked out edition if you want to go full sinister.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T120​

2020 Triumph Bonneville T120 / T120 Black

If you feel that the T100 Bonneville isn’t enough bike for you, then the T10 is the motorcycle you should look at. The 2021 Bonneville T120 gets a larger engine and some additional features as well as some minor styling work.

This bike features the bigger 1,200cc twin engine that makes 77 lb-ft of torque and 80 hp. That extra power comes at a price. This is a more expensive machine. Triumph also has some special editions of this bike like the Black Edition. They’re the same bike but with some minor aesthetic updates.

2021 Triumph Street Scrambler​

2021 Triumph Street Scrambler

Want to get your Triumph Bonneville a little dirty? The Street Scrambler is here to be your tool of choice. The Street Scambler combines the smaller-displacement engine with scrambler styling, a higher exhaust, and some tires ready for loose gravel.

This motorcycle gets the same 900cc twin engine that’s found in other Modern Classic motorcycles. The Street Scrambler engine makes 59 lb-ft of torque and 65 horses. That’s plenty for pretty much any on or off-road duties you may ask of this machine.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC​

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC is the next bike that you shouldn’t overlook. This model is the entry point for the upgraded engine in Scrambler-form. It’s the big-boy Scrambler so to speak and one of two models that Triumph sells.

The bike gets the 1,200cc twin engine that you see elsewhere here in the Modern Classics lineup. The engine makes a respectable 81 lb-ft of torque and 89 hp. This is enough power to do pretty much anything you want both on the road and off.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE​

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE

Triumph’s other version of the Scrambler 1200 is the Scrambler 1200 XE this is the more hardcore version of the Scrambler and it is the bike that has competed in some of the toughest races on earth, including the Mexican 1000 Rally. The XE gets Öhlins long-travel suspension as well as some other high-end parts and components.

The bike has the same engine. It’s the 1,200cc twin engine that you’ll find elsewhere in the lineup. The engine makes 81 lb-ft of torque and 89 hp. This is the Modern Classic Triumph you get if you want to do more than just a little off-roading.

2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber​

2021 Triumph Bobber

Love the bobber look but don’t have the skills or garage to build your own badass bobber? Then the Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a perfect way to get what you want. This bike is designed to look stripped down and simple, and really, it is pretty basic.

The motorcycle features the 1,200cc twin engine that is found in other Bonneville models. However, in this bike, the engine makes only 78 lb-ft of torque and 77 hp. There’s also a Black version of the Bobber if you feel like you want to get really bad-ass and totally blacked out.

2021 Triumph Speed Twin​

2021 Triumph Speed Twin

Looking for a speedy Bonneville? That’s where the Bonneville Speed Twin comes in for the Modern Classics lineup. The motorcycle is a sporty model designed to thrill you. It combines high-performance and modern technology with some modern-classic styling. In other words, everything you should want.

The Speed Twin has Triumph’s 1,200cc twin engine. This is more or less the same engine as found elsewhere, but it’s been re-tuned. In this bike, the engine makes 82.6 lb-ft of torque and 96 hp. There are also over 70 accessories so you can customize your ride.

2021 Triumph Thruxton/Thruxton R​

2021 Triumph Thruxton/Thruxton R

The Triumph Thruxton is the cafe racer of the group. It brings lower handlebars and some distinct cafe racer styling to the Triumph Modern Classics lineup. Triumph sells both the base Thruxton and the Thruxton R. The Thruxton R adds some additional equipment and more aggressive styling, but it is the same bike.

At the heart of this cafe racer is a familiar engine, it’s the same 1,200cc twin that’s found elsewhere in the lineup. The engine makes 82.6 lb-ft of torque and 97 hp when it’s in this bike and tune for true cafe racer fun.

2021 Triumph Thruxton RS​

2021 Triumph Thruxton rs

If the Thruxton R is good but still not exactly what you’re looking for then you need the Thruxton RS. This model is the sharp end of the Thruxton stick. And quite handsome if I do say so. It comes with further upgraded components and is thoroughly modern. It’s built for thrills and for advanced riders.

The Thruxton RS has a 1,200cc twin engine. In this particular bike, Triumph tuned the engine to make 83 lb-ft of torque and 103 hp. The motorcycle also features some Showa suspension and switchable ABS. It’s also offered with over 80 accessories for customizing your ride.

2021 Triumph Speedmaster​

2021 Triumph Speedmaster

One of my favorites out there, the Triumph Speedmaster is one of the most beautiful motorcycles on sale today. It takes the Bonneville design to new heights with a more laid-back, cruiser style. It has some true retro-inspired styling that will catch some eyes., and it’s perfect for two-up riding.

The motorcycle features the same 1,200cc twin engine that is in many of the other motorcycles. The bike’s engine makes 78 lb-ft of torque and 77 hp. The Speedmaster is offered with over 130 optional accessories. That means you can modify this bike to your heart’s content.


2021 Triumph Tiger 800​

2021 Triumph Tiger 800 Xc

The 2021 Triumph Tiger 800 XC is the beginning of the company’s line of ADV motorcycles. Triumph sells two different versions of the XC The XCx is the most basic version. However, it’s no slouch. If you feel you need some more gizmos on your ADV machine, then you should get the XCa. The XCa adds a ride mode, LED lights, heated grips, and some extra guards.​

Both the XCx and XCa use an 800cc three-cylinder engine that makes 95 hp and 58 lb-ft of torque. The 800XC has Showa suspension, which is a nice touch. It’s ready for just about any adventure out there.

2021 Triumph Tiger 800 XR​

2021 Triumph Tiger 800 XR

Triumph’s Tiger 800 XR is the more street-focused adventure touring machine at this level. The bike comes in a few different trims, including XR, XRx, XRx Low, and XRt. Each trim packs more technology and equipment, though they all use the same chassis and engine. The bikes only slightly different new tech and features as you go up the list.

Tiger 800 XR features the company’s 80cc three-cylinder engine. It is the same engine that’s in the Tiger 800 XC and it makes the same power. If you’re a street-going adventure rider who occasionally goes off-road the This is the tiger you want to ride.

2021 Triumph Tiger 900​

2021 Triumph Tiger 900

The Triumph Tiger 900 came out last year, and it’s a step up from the Tiger 800. It’s a thoroughly advanced machine and is a serious step forward and a major competitor in the segment. It’s an adventure motorcycle designed to take on everything. This bike can handle long touring rides and some seriously tough terrain.

The bike features a 900cc three-cylinder engine that puts out 94 hp and 64 lb-ft of torque. Pair that fancy engine with modern riding technology and advanced features. Triumph, in the way that it does, as over 65 accessories designed for the Tiger 900, so that you can go all out.

2021 Triumph Tiger 900 GT​

2021 Triumph Tiger 900 GT

The Triumph Tiger 900 GT is built more for a road-going adventure. It puts comfort and touring prowess first and foremost. If you want a long road-trip bike that is still a capable all-arounder, then the Tiger 900 GT is it. There are three different levels for the GT. There’s the GT, GT Low, and GT Pro. The GT low is just a lower ride height model and the GT Pro offers some additional features

When it comes to moving down the road, the bike has a 900cc triple. Yep, that means you get 64 lb-ft of torque and 94 hp. The GT version of the bike also has more tech and features. This includes a seven-inch TFT display, extra ride modes, upgraded suspensions, and some other fancy components.

2021 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally​

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally

The 2021 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally is the real deal badass Tiger 900. It gets upgraded off-road equipment and upgrades to make day after day easier in the saddle. Triumph also makes the Rally Pro, which is the pinnacle of the Tiger 900 line. It puts the best technology and features all on one bike.

The Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro don’t get a special engine. The engine is still the 900cc triple and puts out 64 lb-ft of torque and 94 hp. The Rally Pro is the bike to get if you want the very best. It has things like tire-pressure monitoring, shift assist, six different ride modes, and more.

2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 XC​

2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 XC

Triumph does make a big-boy adventure bike. The Tiger 1200 XC is the more off-road-ready version of the bike. It gets spoked wheels and it also has some features that are a little more geared towards the trails. This bike is still a pleasure to ride on the road. There are two different variations of the motorcycle, including the XCx and XCa. The difference is the level of technology and features.

The motorcycle gets a 1,200cc liquid-cooled three-cylinder inline engine. It’s an engine that makes a strong 141 hp and 90 lb-ft of torque. Pair that with the shaft final drive, and you have a bike that can run a long time and with few real issues. It’s a big bike built for big adventures.

2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 XR​

2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 XR

Triumph’s big-boy adventure touring machine designed more for the street is the, 2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 XR. This model gets cast wheels and more road-focused features. The bike is offered in several trim levels, including XR, XRx, XRx Low, and XRt. The XRx Low is a low ride height version, and the other steps up add additional features and technology.

The engine in the XR version of this very fine motorcycle the same engine as the XC—1,200cc and three-cylinders. That engine makes 141 hp and 90 lb-ft of torque, which is the same as the other Tiger 1200.

Rocket 3​

2021 Triumph Rocket 3 R​

2021 Triumph Rocket 3 R

The 2021 Triumph Rocket 3 R is the roadster version of the Rocket 3 and ready to be a hell of a lot of fun at the twist of your wrist. It’s a monster of a machine with the largest engine of any production motorcycle in the world. The R version is the aggressive one and the one to get—my personal favorite.

The Rocket 3 comes with a raucous 2,500cc three-cylinder engine that makes 165 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. Yes, you read that right. The bike is a beast of a machine. It can do a 0-62 mph time under 2.9 seconds.

2021 Triumph Rocket 3 GT​

Triumph Rocket 3 GT

Want your muscle cruiser but you want to be able to tour in comfort, too? The Rocket 3 GT is the high-powered machine you should get. The bike takes the Rocket 3 R’s formula and makes it tour-ready. The motorcycle has some more swept-back handlebars. It also gets a little backrest for the passenger among other things.

The Rocket 3 GT might be a bit different, but the engine doesn’t change at all. It’s still two and a half liters of fling you off the back of the bike. It’s the largest production motorcycle engine out there.

Roadsters & Supersports​

2021 Triumph Trident​

2021 Triumph Trident

The Triumph Trident is new for 2021. The bike is competing in the tough middleweight naked motorcycle class, but it does so with the best of equipment in a new engine and good Showa suspension and ergos ready to impress. Not to mention, a very reasonable price tag for the segment.

The bike is powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, inline three-cylinder engine with a displacement of 660cc. That engine is good for 80 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque and Triumph says it’s usable across the rev range. The engine mates to a six-speed transmission with a slipper clutch and a quick-shifter.

2021 Triumph Street Triple R​

2021 Triumph Street Triple R

The 2021 Triumph Street Triple R is where things start for the middleweight naked bike, and it’s a hell of a jumping-off point. The bike features excellent ergos, and a punchy engine, and that weird but lovable bug-eyed style.

The bike has a 765cc triple engine that’s liquid-cooled and fuel injected. The motorcycle makes 121 hp and 58 lb-ft of torque. The power is well-distributed across the rev range, too. It gets LED headlights, bright colors, and a low ride height version, for those shorter riders.

2021 Triumph Street Triple RS​

2021 Triumph Street Triple RS

Triumph’s Street Triple RS a fantastic bike. Triumph worked hard to give the Street Triple better mid-range power. What you get is power spread out more across the rev range. This makes it a better street bike and a much more usable machine overall.

The 2021 Street Triple RS gets a 765cc triple engine. This engine is ready for Euro 5 emissions, and it puts out 121 hp and 58 lb-ft of torque. Buyers will also like the Brembo brakes and Showa suspension.

2021 Triumph Speed Triple S​

2021 Triumph Spee dTriple S

The Speed Triple S is a super sporty naked motorcycle with a dual-headlight setup. This bike takes some of the styling and triple engine layout from the Street Triple and ratches things up several levels to a new performance place.

The Speed Triple S features a 1,050cc triple engine that makes 148 hp and 86 lb-ft of torque. The motorcycle is at home on the street or the racetrack. This is one unique-looking and fun-to-ride machine.

2021 Triumph Speed Triple RS​

2021 Triumph Speed Triple RS

The Speed Triple RS takes the dual headlight naked hardcore sportbike thing to new heights. The RS gets a bunch of fancy equipment like Optimized Cornering ABS and traction control as well as an Inertial Measurement Unit, and five ride modes.

The Speed Triple RS has the same 1,050cc triple engine that makes 148 hp and 86 lb-ft of torque. The RS version gets some fancier equipment and top-spec equipment but is otherwise the same bike as the lower trim S. The motorcycle is at home wherever pavement is—track or street.

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