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Stereotype busted at the pump!!

An apt story from some time ago reported in the Grimsby Echo newspaper.

On a cold winter's morning at 5:30 a.m. a motorcyclist was stranded at the side of the road alongside an old, dead British bike. A truck driver (who was also a biker) stopped to render assistance. The biker explained that the bike had started and run for about 1/2 a mile and died.
"I know what the problem is" said the trucker. "Your carb's frozen. If you piss on it, it will defrost. Then you can start the bike and wait for the cylinder to warm up before you set off again"

The biker explained that the urge wasn't there at the moment.

"Stand back" said the trucker, as he whipped his "thang" out and proceeded to defrost the carb. Normal service was restored and they both went on their ways.

The biker's father took the time, the next day, to write a letter of thanks to the trucking company and said that his DAUGHTER was able to complete her journey to work!:eek:

Lorry driver to the rescue! Must have been after his breakfast fry-up and tea!! Fried eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, baked beans, 2 rounds of fried bread, pot of tea, and don't forget the HP!! No wonder the bike started!! :)
Almost feel like a peeping tom reading and posting here but we have so many women on bikes her in Florida I never assume.
the one time I did get bit was our most prestigious professional stock car race 2010 the Snowball Derby that brings big NASCAR drivers.
was a great finish and we went into the pits to see the guy who won . It was Johanna Robbins a 17YO girl
Wishing all of our gals a wonderful and happy Mother's Day weekend!! :{)
Why do you assume "all of our gals" are mothers?

My wife, who is a mother, would certainly appreciate that.

My daughter, who is a heartless single female lawyer, might be tempted to stomp on your heart for your assumption that she is a "mother" and the even more egregious error that she is one of "our gals", implying she is someone's property ;-)