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Apr 28, 2016
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Culemborg, NL
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Hi there!

Several years ago I had loads of free time due to unwanted unemployment and filled that time by dreaming about riding the USA during a long holiday. As every state has its charme I couldn't decide where to go, so I explored all the states by using Google Earth and designed routes by my own preferences, as I did the last 25 years for my local MC. The result is 515 routes, on average 250 miles each and always starting at a gas station and finishing at a good rated diner.

I tried to earn some money with it by selling it through my website (why not giving it a go...), however the hosting costs where much higher than the earnings. So I recently decided to quit the website and share my routes with you motorcycle enthousiasts. Although the roads may have changed a little bit over time, I'm sure most roads are still where they were in 2013, as this is the version year of my Garmin USA cartography.

The original file size is extensive, approx. 1 GB containing route files in gpx, gdb and kml (Google Earth bird view flight) as well as overview images per state and per individual route to easily get a good idea of the landscape the route covers. I managed to downsize the images and leave out the kml-files which resulted in a total file size of approx. 515 MB. An online File Transfer Service is probably the best way to distribute it.

@ CD COVER front SP WEST.jpg@ CD COVER front SP CENTRAL.jpg@ CD COVER front SP EAST.jpg

If you are interested, just send me a PM.