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Sales Skyrocket As HD’s Pan America Proves Versatility Is Valuable


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Nov 11, 2011
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When Harley Davidson’s Pan America was first previewed (if you’re going to do an advert properly, you hire Aquaman/Jason Momoa to do the job), the bike’s unique aesthetic and left-field attendance to the adventure bike community and left many with raised eyebrows. It revealed an entirely new side to Harley Davidson, and the versatile capability of the bike left viewers and riders alike with the same thought: Wow.

With sales having started in early May, the demand for the Pan America is impressive. Many dealerships are already accepting deposits and installing waiting lists to keep track of the ever-growing requests.

Matt Sheahan, vice president of the Windy City Motorcycle Company in Milwaukee, said in a report to BizJournals:

“They’re shipping them in right now, and they’re heading right back out (to customers).”

And being competitively priced at $17,000 USD, it’s no wonder that Harley Davidson’s new addition is the star of the show.

view of the Pan America motorcycle by Harley Davidson

The Pan America is an adventure bike that sports a liquid-cooled V-Twin Revolution Max 1250 engine capable of roaring out 150 pretty little ponies and 94 ft/lbs of torque. It’s is far from light, weighing in at 534 lb / 559 lb (depending on if you’re riding the original 1250 or 1250 Special). Still, the weight is compensated in part by the available ride mode control features and Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements.

Unique features of the Pan America also include Vehicle Load Control, with the 1250 Special sporting a useful Adaptive Ride Height Feature to accommodate a wider range of riders.

To see the full list of specs, head over to WebBikeWorld’s Pan America Model Overview.

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