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PSA: Maybe it's time to wash your riding gear? Cleaning greasy riding gear.


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Apr 28, 2016
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Ottawa, Ontario
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My riding gear is grey; they show grease & dirt stains wonderfully. I’ve washed my Oylmpia riding pants a couple times without making them noticeably cleaner. That grease and road grime was ground in. Then my newish Helite Adventure jacket developed an oil stain. Hunting for grease removers I hit on Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn dish soap:
Homemade Stain Removers with Hydrogen Peroxide - The Make Your Own Zone

I removed the pads from the pants (but the jacket has a build in airbag- so no point in doing that). Of course I didn’t follow the recipe- I mixed the peroxide and soap one to one and scrubbed it into the dirty/greasy areas, rinsed and repeated. Then I hung the jacket to dry & tossed the pants into the washer. I’d rate the jacket a complete success at removing the oil stain and about 90% success with the pants. Another round probably would completely done the pants, but I’m fairly satisfied with their current state.
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I have a Helite vest. I removed the airbag and mechanism and ran it through the washer.
I took my jacket to the dry cleaners. They did a pretty good job on it inside and out. I felt it was too bulky and thick for the general washing machine and I didn't want to spend the time hand washing it. It was really nasty inside from sunscreen, sweat, grime, etc all in the liner after my big trip in July.