Oil Filter Guard

Alabama Al

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Nov 13, 2012
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Upon looking at the oil filter, I wanted to protece it somehow from anything hitting it along the road. Also I needed a place to mount a Green Light Magnet. I started with a 1/8" aluminum plate. I cut it down to 4"x7". made a 1" wide line down the center. then I measured the filter length + 1/8" and drew a line along the plate. I then cut 1" off both ends to the line, and sliced it down to the line on both 1" lines. Then again at 1/2". I clamped a 1"steel flat iron at the 1" line, and proceeded to shape it around a new oil filter. When I was happy with the fitting, I bent the 1" part up to protece the end. I then proceeded to bend the 1/2" pieces up. I had to trim them a couple times to make them flush with the 1" piece. I smoothed all the edges and covered the inside with black tape. I installed the magnet, and painted it flat black. It is held on the oil filter with a hose clamp.
Oil Filter Guard.jpg