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Nc700 skid plate

In the process of making a new dct plate slimmer, tighter fit, smaller frontal area. Should have first one done in about thirty days. The same design will be carried over to the non standard plates also.
Remember any of my products can be found in the vendor section under hondabikepro products.
Thanks Dale
First all new dct plate is done, these new designs will also carry over to the standard x plates.
I will post pics this week, I am making three dct plates at this time, If anyone would like one please pm me? All pricing is in the vendor section of this forum, under south bound honda, and hondabikepro products. Thanks Dale
I just bought a foot shift lever to install on my DCT since I enjoy using the MT option sometimes but do not like the + / - buttons it comes with. Will this skid plate work on a bike like mine? I can't find the vendor section; where is it?
Starting to slow down at work. I am now making nc700x and nc700dct plates again, and fiishing ones all ready ordered. Thanks Dale
Bamamate and I were just talking about this, I didn't see a price listed in the thread?
Honda Bike Pro's prices are in this thread.

First couple lines of first post:
1. nc 700x skid plates for standard model are 425.00 and includes powder coating. shipping is 45.00 in the us
2.nc700x dct models skid plates are 475.00 and includes powder coating, shipping is 45.00 in the us
Does anyone have a copy of the instructions for the install? I purchased mine second hand and no instructions were included.
For a HondaBikePro Skidplate on a manual NC700X. I saw reference to trimming some tabs/mounts (coolant reservoir?), but was hoping for more specific guidance before I dug in and modified things. Thanks!
1. Are you still making and selling these.

2. If so, can I buy one and for how much.

3. Will you ship it to me for a reasonable price?
Although i haven't seen any pictures of them either, i can say that if they are anything like the racks he makes than they are Top Shelf quality! I have been fabricating things for many years and was very impressed with Dale's work when i received my rack. I later ordered the windshield nut plates that he also makes and they too were Top Shelf quality. I was very pleased with them. :{)
Below are some photos of a natural aluminum finished HondaBikePro skid plate on a manual NC. The unit weighs about 10 pounds (4.5 kg); the aluminum is about 1/4” (6mm) thick. It is very likely the toughest skid plate ever made for an NC. The center bottom of the plate extends all the way back to and protects the shock linkage, but the plate is compatible with the stock centerstand.
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