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Lithium jump starter


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Nov 18, 2017
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Do you carry one of those compact Lithium jump starters? Are there any issues with using them on the Nc700x?
I have a relatively new battery but I've found it low enough to not start on a couple of occasions. I can put it on the charger but the jump starter would help ease my mind for the long rides on remote mountain roads.

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I carry one but have not had to use it. Don’t see why it shouldn’t work with our DCT.
I have an Anker I bought when they closed them out last year. A Honda enineer mentioned on Advrider radio that he carries one on his Africa Twin DCT. I've used mine once this past winter to start the wife's Camry when we left the trunk light on overnight.
Yes I have one and generally carry it on whatever bike I’m riding any reasonable distance. My NC’s battery is still the original, it just turned 7 years old, and still works fine. Taking the jump starter along is a good idea due to my battery’s age.

I don't know what capacity my Red Fuel pack is, but it will fit on my back pocket (without the cables). For fun, I once started my sub-compact car’s 1.5 liter engine with it. By that I mean I disconnected the car battery, and the jumper pack all alone started the car. However last winter the car sat at the airport in sub zero (F) weather, and it’s old battery went dead. The jumper pack couldn’t get the car started. I guess the dead battery and cold temps were just too much for it.

For the motorcycle, it should work just fine.
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I have three..........one for each car and one for the bike.

I have started dozens of other people vehicles..........they work great and less to go wrong when compared to jumper cables.

On the packs themselves..........quality is all over the map. Some for the better brands have been counterfeited.
Last year when my battery was slowing losing the will to live it decided to send me a warning by not starting in the parking lot at work. I work on a secure military installation and my wife cannot get through the inner gate, about a mile from the parking lot.

No worries, I have a lithium jump pack the previous owner provided when I bought the bike. I know how bad it sucks trying to clip the jump pack to the battery- there's nothing for them to grab. So having thought ahead I used a spare battery maintainer cable to connect the jump pack to the battery thru the maintainer plug.

Forgot one critical bit of data....

The fuse in the maintainer line isn't rated for that kind of power surge and it blew.

1. Make sure you try to attach the jump pack clips to the battery- it's not as easy as you might think.
2. If you make a pigtail to use your maintainer plug, bring a fuse big enough for the power going thru. Use math.
Lithium Jump Starter............


Anyone willing to recommend a brand and a specific model?

I got this: Noco Genius BoostPlus Compact Lithium-Ion Jump Starter — 1000 Amps, Model# GB40


Not only does it have enough power to start cars, bikes, and trucks, but it's got lights of all kinds as well as a USB port to charge all your devices multiple times.
Had to jump start the NC yesterday with the lithium jump starter. The battery was down to 11.3 volts pre-jump. I found I had to remove the battery strap & pull the battery out a bit to get the clamps on it.
I carry one, bought it at Costco. Has started the car engine easily. Takes a while to charge it.
I got one for Xmas as a gift and used it once on a friend's bike which made him super happy to not have to get a tow.

I got the Anti-Gravity XP-1. I also picked up their fused pigtail because the jumper cables are bulky and hard to use on a motorcycle.

Project Farm did a great review on a lot of the no-name brand devices and I would go with one of his recommendations without a second thought. He does great testing.