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Leaving the NC700x world


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Jan 27, 2013
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Austin, TX
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This past year I've found myself riding less than I used to. Between the degrading roads, horrible drivers, and just lack of time, I can no longer justify owning a bike. Don't get me wrong, I've been riding since 2006 and learning to ride has been life changing. It's fun until it's not. On top of that, my pending divorce may necessitate an out of state move, and I need to be able to act quickly. I will hopefully be making this a mere hiatus in my riding life, I am planning on getting another bike at some point in the future. But to everyone in this forum who has helped me with any issues I've had, thank you.

As an aside, has anyone had difficulty selling their bike? I've had mine on craigslist and I've only gotten a few bites, even after lowering the price substantially. I know it's hard to sell a bike in winter, but should I wait another month or two to relist it or take the decreased amount now?
Bike sales have slowed around my area, likely due to the daily ice on the roads. Keep it listed for now, you may get a bite, but chances are better in spring.

If you need to unload fast, many bike shops will give you an 'I need it gone' price, then again, there seems to be a shortage of good used bikes and you may be surprised.
They say there is always a buyer at your price, you just have to find them. Try CycleTrader as well as the buy sell section here. As great of a bike as the NC is, it has a narrow market. But, if it is going to cause problems moving, create stress taking it with you, and be challenging to sell if you do move, take the hit on the price. Though I am over it now, I really regretted selling my NC. Really a reliable, practical, and fun bike. Post it over on the CTX700 forum as there are many like-minded riders there. https://www.ctx700forum.com/
I sold my nc700, but 2 years later got the itch again…. You may find yourself wanting it back sooner than you think
just a thought, my NC700x was one thing that helped me get through it all when i went through that two years ago. Always a great mental health time to take a ride man!! Just throwin' that out there! PM me for some other ideas if you'd like, i may be able to help. :{)
Keep it, especially since NC's are budget bikes as opposed to a $15-25k bike. It's the best medicine for divorce, too! Just recently got divorced, for the 2nd freaking time!! There will not be a 3rd. And I'd be lost without 2 wheels.
If you really need to sell I’d contact CycleTrader. I sold my Goldwing and Tiger within a week of the day I posted them. Look at what your year and model are listed for and price accordingly and it’ll sell. If you’re in a hurry, price it a few $$ under what others are listed for. If you can wait until it warms up (late March or so) you’ll get more for your bike. Good luck!