I am at the tire store and see a shinko for $100. Is that too cheap?


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Jan 13, 2021
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When I was running my fingers down the tire rack, I saw two adventure tires. The Trailmax Mission and the Shinko. The trailmax mission was $50 more. Was it really any better?

Well. Okay. What do you mean by better? The size is 150/70 17 for the rear.

At high speed the trailmax vibrated. The tread gaps did that. But the tire felt more planted. You felt more stable. More in control on high speed rough road. The teeth on the side of the tire had real bite in the sandy stuff.

The Shinko tended to float more over the same fast rough surface. The vibration was more subtle but you did not feel as if you had the same grip at high speed as the mission. The shinko spins a lot more in wet sandy mud.

For city miles, i think the shinko was the winner here. Seeming to have more grip all around.

In the dirt, the mission tire did better. Even more so when things get super loose.

So a $50 difference really just gets you a different experience. Your miles may vary and see Youtube for more detailed comparisons.

Tires are often like airline seats. The price can swing wildly and often means little. Did I get my complimentary spiced bread crum snack? Maybe i want to be two or three rows from the bathroom... so I change my seat once I get off the ground. Maybe that guy behind me just has super stinky feet.

Try a different tire pressure after a ride or two. Try a different kind of road. Try riding in the rain. Maybe a damp road. Scuff the tire for a day or two. Then decide.

You can do all the research you want. But in the end... you gotta mount it up and ride it for a week.

The trailmax did a great job surviving a nail and holding pressure.


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