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Handlebar Weight Removal Tutorial


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Jun 19, 2015
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I figured I would share the details of how I remove my handlebar weights. In the Winter I take the weights out so I can install my handguards. Every year I do the same thing.

I use a heat gun to roll the clutch side grip. It tends to be cool when I am doing this work so the heat gun makes the grip more flexible. Nut driver for front brake controls. Phillips bit for the remaining fasteners and depressing the retaining clip.

To remove the external weight you need to hold the weight and loosen the screw. The first time can be a little tough as there seems to be some thread locker on the threads.
Use the heat gun to warm the clutch side grip. When the grip is warm enough you can roll it to expose the retaining clips holes. There two holes per end, top and bottom.
I put the external weight back on to use it as a puller. Using the screwdriver depress the clip through the hole to unhook. I find that if I pull gently I can get the clip angled in such a way the top clip will be pulled into the bar keeping it depressed so I can release the bottom part of the clip.


Successfully removed internal weight showing retaining clip. This removal process prevents damaging the clip. I will reinstall the weights in the spring when the handguards are removed to increase circulation.
On the throttle side I am going to loosen the front brake bar mount so I can slide it into the middle. This frees up space to access the kill switch screws and separate the switch for removal.

Remove the kill switch screws and pull the switch apart to remove. There is a locating pin in the switch to prevent it from rotating.

Removing the the kill switch exposes the throttle body screws. Remove the throttle body screws and remove the cap. The cap has a locating pin. When it is removed you can now slide the throttle body in towards the centre of the bike exposing the holes for the retaining clips.
Use the external weight as a puller and the screwdriver to depress the clip same as the other side.

To put the weights back in for the Spring I don't take anything apart. I know the holes are in the top so I orientate the clips that way and just slide them in.

Thanks to the Home Minister for taking the photos and her overall acceptance of my BS 0.o
Good stuff. Just a heads up, if you don't want to go through the hassle of removing the weights but still want handguards you can opt for the Honda OEM handguards which don't mount internally. But they aren't as rugged as some of the other options. The Honda handguards are mostly hard plastic besides the mounting bracket. Works very good for blocking the wind though.
Good tutorial (but it seems like a lot of work)..

I use Cycle Gear hand guards. The guards have an aluminum spine and bolt on over the stock bar weights. Three screws hold on each plastic shield. When the seasons change I just install or remove the plastic. All metal frame hardware and all original stock inside and outside bar weights remain in place all the time. It's very quick and simple.

Photo attached is from Cycle Gear site. (They aren't very pretty, but the ugly Trackside logo is just a sticker that's easily removed).

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