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For Sale (So Cal): 2020 NC750X Manual, 7K miles, extras. $7500


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Jun 29, 2021
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Giving you guys first dibs before I list it on Ebay. I love this bike, and I want it to have a happy home. I just got a 1250GS, and can't have two bikes for marital reasons.

Location: Southern California (Inland Empire). Buyer arranges pickup or shipping.

So, you all know the bike, obviously. So let me focus on the specifics to this particular bike.

Bike has 7000 miles and has been babied. Fantastic condition. I'm the original owner, and I've done all the maintenance myself with meticulous notes. With the bike I'm sending my bike binder that has all the notes of all the services and mods, the receipts for such, purchase docs, title docs, the service manual, etc.

  • Givi panier racks for Givi Trekker outback (I'm keeping the boxes). I've made some plates for them as well, and may be convinced to throw one or two in. You can also "print" more plates for various things - See https://www.nc700-forum.com/threads...k-slap-a-plate-in-there-files-included.19337/
  • OEM center stand
  • Stormgrips tank stickers on the side
  • Custom-cut tank sticker on the top of Frunk
  • R-Gaza upper and lower engine guards
  • radiator guard
  • 2"risers
  • 40mm lowered foot pegs.
  • 3M reflectors on those weird plastic protrusions on the front cowl.
  • Ball mount for my phone (Ram Mount)
Note: I've gone back to the OEM windscreen, as there was a crack in the Puig one in the pic.

I've kept all the OEM parts I've swapped out, so obviously you get those too. If I ebay this, I'm goign to strip off the Givi racks and the R-Gaza engine guards to make it more stock, but will include it in a box.

Ninja Edit: I also have the bike specific Givi tank bag, so that gets thrown in too.


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