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First bike


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Sep 23, 2020
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Macedonia, Ohio
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I grew up on the back of my dad's Kawasaki motorcycles and learned to ride from him during our long trips to Maine, North Carolina, Florida, and other destinations. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to get a bike until recently (30 years later) and my research led me to the CTX700 and the NC750 since I wanted the DCT. The former was too difficult to get a hold of and I was getting frustrated trying to find one I wanted. I went down to a local dealer to see a NC750 they supposedly had in stock just to see one in person. They didn't have one but they did have a fresh trade in of a 2015 NC700X DCT in black. I fell in love with it and after a few minutes of hesitation I pulled the trigger on it. I didn't even have my temp license yet but I had it delivered a couple of days later.

I'm sure the purists don't like the DCT, but my dad thinks it's a good concept especially for those of us learning to ride all over again and haven't been on two wheels in 30 years or so. Drivers have changed as well and I also enjoy less distractions on the bike although I'm sure everything becomes pure reaction after a while.

- Brian
Good for you Brian. I’m sure you made a good decision. What kind of mileage is on your new bike? DCT or manual it’s just a matter of driver preference. What type of driving are you planning on doing?
Welcome aboard Brian! I too researched CTXs and NCxs. I didn't like the small gas tank and lack of Frunk on the CTX. Also, the riding position is footforward cruiser-esque. I think the NC700s is much better but isn't sold in the USA.

I have an '82 GL500 and '83 GL650. I'm going to put collector plates on them and want to keep the miles low, so I am looking for a NC750x DCT when riding season stops. I want it for travel.
With all the distracted drivers these days, as well as the speeders on the freeways and all the nuts who are parking wherever they feel like it, the DCT is a great way to reduce your own distractions when learning a new bike. The riding position helps too, so you can spot the crazy SUVers from a distance!
Thank you all for the warm welcome. The bike did come with 10,900 miles on it but has fairly new tires, a taller windshield, new exhaust, and a much louder than normal horn. There are only minor scratches on the "tank" but the rest of it looks way newer than 5 years. I plan on riding with friends on occasion and probably taking it to work in the warmer months (I live in Ohio) to save wear and tear on my car. Eventaully I would like to take it on a trip somewhere but first things first. I don't have too far of a ride to work but the gas savings will still be felt.

My biggest fear is how drivers have changed over the years. I've been annoyed at how I see some people ride bikes, but the way people drive their cars is scary. I guess with lane assist, air bags, and all of the safety features and cell phones to pay attention to motorcycles really just get in the way. I've always been a defensive driver who anticipates what people do and those instics will hopefully help.
Welcome and congrats Brian! I too just got an as new 2015 NC700XD DCT with 1660 miles, and it's Black/Black! This is my second NC700, y first one was a 12' that i got with 1702 miles on it and traded it with 23+K miles. I've put some miles on it since now and am looking to take longer ride with it very soon before our mornings are too frosty-icy for early morning rides. Do post some pictures of your accessories, farkles and your rides!! :{)