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Nov 3, 2013
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Proctor WV USA
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I put 4200 miles on a 2013 DCT sold it and bought a 2017 DCT which was down until I moved all the upgrades to it from the 13.
I have 3800 miles on a C125A Cub that I very locally ride on route 89 to our farm out 'on the hill'.
To my point after getting back on a DCT I am amazed at how enjoyable it is to upshift w/o any throttle modulation.
I'm sure both years have the same effortless upshifts but don't remember enjoying it then like I do now.

Another member is asking about the cluckiness he is experiencing when shifting his X. I know how to solve that.................

I bought a DCT exclusively for that transmission but hated the black wheels/cheap looking can. The 2017 solved that.
At 71 I think I'm done buying any more bikes. Those 2 and the crazy experience of the Motus pretty much completes my riding career.
The Motus is a 2 wheeled 70s' era muscle car right after the Cub was born.
My first ride was on a Cub in 1965 and appears will end on one. Sorry I got a little windy w/this post.