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Camelbak Octane 18x (100 L) hydration backpack


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Jul 18, 2017
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New York
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A Sierra Trading Post opened nearby this weekend, and when I saw this there I had to have it. In one sense, its a lot for a glorified water bag, but ive had my current Camelbak for nearly five years of bicycle-touring and its been priceless.

Heres a pic of old and new bag:

The Octane 18x has a lot of nice features my old one doesnt, namely

* a few handy little pouches to stow stuff. One on each shoulder strap and one on each hip strap. Thats an EZ-Pass in the righthand strap
* it holds 3 liters of water, not two.
* it has a full backpack pouch in it, rather than a tiny pocket

I can see using this for hiking.

I tried it out tonight and all the little pouches were accessible with gloves on. So im very happy with this pack. If you can find it on sale, even better.
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