Barkbuster Storm Handguards Black


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Jul 13, 2017
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West Los Angeles, California
I thought I'd post these here before going on eBay.

I used these Barkbuster Storms on my old 2009 Ninja 650R every winter, where they helped a little with the wind and cold. I have just one photo of them on the bike. I had put green tape over part of them, but that's been removed. Not used since summer of 2017.

I tried installing them on my 2016 NC700 but I couldn't get one side's bolts to grab and the other side's original Honda bolt wouldn't loosen. So I packed everything up back in the package and stapled it closed. If you must have photos of them I could open the package, so let me know.
Update: I'm uploading a photo of the handguards out of the package. They are the kind that attach at the bar end only. These are the S7 model, "for Bars with fixed internal 6mm or 8mm threads", per the packaging.

Included is all the hardware that I had, which includes spacers, weights and 2 sets of bolts. The crashbars will come pre-attached to the plastic guards.
They have a few little nicks and scratches, but still have years of life left. These retail for over $100 new

If you can PayPal me $45 I'll ship them to you.
Or pm me for my address if you'd prefer to send a check.20191210_210248.jpg


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