2016 NC700xd Stock Silver Body Parts

May 8, 2016
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Southern California
I have a 2016 NC700xd which comes with the stock silver body parts. I have replaced those parts with 2017 NC700x red body parts.

There are 9 pieces altogether...see the list below.

Note: The side panel that has the NC700x sticker stays on the bike and does not get replaced.

I would prefer to sell them all together.

Came here first before going to eBay. If anyone is interested, let me know. Price is negotiable but I'm not even sure where to start. The box they all came in is 26W x 13D x 27H. I haven't checked to see what shipping costs would be.

The Honda OEM parts, Part Numbers and prices that we purchased are listed below:

Front Fender 6110-MGS-D30 ZN 96.55
Luggage Lid 64101-MKA-D80ZE 66.07
Seat Cowl R 77215-MKA-380ZE 99.90
Seat Cowl L 77216-MKA-D80ZE 112.11
Seat Coal F 64375-MKA-D80ZE 7.98
Panel R 64280-MKA-D80ZG 108.72
Panel L 64290-MKA-D80ZG 108.72