2014 NC700X - 31K - So Cal - Sold


Dec 23, 2016
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So Cal
Yup, it's that time for me as well. Bike has served me well for past two years as I commuted 60 miles each day. There are some pretty good modification that would make this an awesome touring bike. I’ve kept immaculate record of all maintenance and modifications. The bike has been the most reliable bike I've ever owned and wouldn’t hesitate buying another one. I’m selling this as our family has purchased a second car and I've joined a vanpool.

Here are some of the things off my head that I’ve done to the bike.
1/2017, 4000 miles – Bike purchased
4/2017, 7100 miles – 17T Sprocket.
7/2017, 9830 miles – New Front and Rear Shinko 705 tires
10/2017, 10,751 miles – Valve clearance check, Oil Change
12/2017, 11,666 miles – New EK chain
9/2018, 19,030 miles – Auxiliary Lights, LED headlight bulb, Air Filter
10/2018, 20,102 miles – Oil Change, Brake fluid flush
10/2018, 20,500 miles – new front brake pads, new rear shinko 705 tires
7/2019, 28,600 miles - New front and rear sprockets, new RK chain, Oil change
10/2019, 30,000 miles - New rear tire. I have new front tires, just not installed yet.
11/2019, 31,000 miles - Valve clearance check - plan to do it soon.

In addition, here are various upgrades.
-Bike Master Heated Grips
-V-stream Touring Screen
-Dale’s Rack with cut out for auxiliary fuel tank and rotopax mount
-SW Motech Crash Bars
-Crosspro Skid Plate
-Airhawk seat pad. Missing one of the straps.

I also have lots of spare parts that will go with this bike as I don’t really see myself getting back in to biking anytime soon.
-HF Wheel Balancer
-Wheel Bearing Removal Tool with spare wheel bearings
-Rear Axle combo wrench
-Stock windshield with an adjustable deflector
-MadStad Engineering windshield brackets – no windshield.
-Seat modified to eliminate the slope.
-Passenger Seat
-Brake pads
-Bike Cover
-Added factory sub-harness that powers a cig light adapter and USB charger in the frunk, and heated grips.

I think this bike would be perfect for someone who wants a reliable bike to commute in crazy LA traffic or someone who wants an economical adventure bike that won’t let you down. The bike has long maintenance intervals and gets really good gas MPGs. I’ve never gotten below 60MPG! There is two minor incident, I had a slow fall on gravel once and it was tipped over while parked.