2012 NC700x manual FS


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Jul 4, 2014
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Parker, CO USA
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It has been a great run but on to a new bike and farewell to the NC. Returning the bike to mostly stock so a few farkles will be for sale separately.


Seems there are a lot of NC700 on the market and a lot much newer than this first year model so I hope I am pricing it accordingly. That being said there is still a lot of value in the bike for all the reasons folks on this forum understand. Truly a great commuter and all rounder from light touring (or not so light - ld_rider) to dirt road poking around. I have had the bike since 2014- got it from the original owner who had only put about 1200 miles on it. It is at 29,000 and I have not had a lick of trouble from it.

Oil always changed at less than the 8000 mile range. Although it is about due. (about 4000 )
Valves checked at 8000 and 20,000 - in spec.
new chain and sprockets 2000 miles ago
new pads and brake fluid 3 months ago during brief warm spell.
Tires are Dunlop Roadsmart 3 - very nice - about 5000 miles on them
New battery 2015 - on tender regularly since install - no story there just precautionary

Cycle Gear hand guards
Tall Honda windscreen with brace. - Regular screen included
Bike Master heated grips
Eastern Beaver 3 cir relay thing
SAE plug to battery for tender or heated gear
Givi engine guards
SW Motech skid plate (took it off to clean the bike but will reinstall)
Seat Concepts cover and pad (eliminates slope)
OEM hard cases - (forgot to put them on for the pics) - could be persuaded to sell separately
nc right side.jpg
front view.jpg
rear wheel and chain.jpg
nc odo.jpg