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    Black or White?

    Couple of decades ago I owned a few all-black cars/trucks in a row. When the last (full size Chevy PU) was stolen I replaced it with a white vehicle and immediately noticed that other drivers gave me more room and didn't pull out in front of me so closely. I was living with the aggressive...
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    Yamaha MT-09??

    Anyone have any personal experience with the MT-09 (2017+) and can compare it to the NC? On paper it looks like the bikes are comparable with the Yamaha having some advantages. It's only $900 more. ($8099-$8999) 100 more CCs. 50 pounds less weight. Twice the horsepower. 30% more torque...
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    I'm a retread, getting back into biking after not riding for about 20 years. I hate to admit it but I'm a Rally Virgin. Never been to a bike rally of any kind. There is one this weekend about two hours from me and I'm interested but...What can I expect? 2019 Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally I'm...
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    Online Honda Parts??

    When I bought my Acura I joined a forum and found an online Honda retailer selling parts. The whole factory parts book was online with drawings and prices. That was a couple of computers ago and I lost the link. Anyone know of an online source for factory Honda bike parts??
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    New Corvette, WOW!

    Just watched a couple of videos showing the new mid-engine Corvette and WOW what a machine!!! I need to see if I can get a loan for one. What would the monthly payment be for $70,000? On second thought, with a base price of around $60K I bet it will be a few years before production catches...
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    New Recommendations June 2019, who do you watch, what do you read?

    I'm a retread: an old guy getting back into biking after a lapse of 15 years, and bought a new 2018 NC750X earlier this month. I am self-taught after getting my first (Honda Super 90) in the mid-'60s, over 50 years ago. Have never taken a class. First, I am planning on taking all the classes I...