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    Moose Racing windshield

    Decided to try this out after I cracked my big generic barn door. +9" over stock. $90. Good job on wind noise (very important to me all the time), okay for wind on chest (cold weather concern), non-existant protection for hands/arms (like my big ugly one). Good quality optically and...
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    New JT rear sprocket 41t (steel) for NC700x

    Brand new. Discovered wrong part when bag opened. $25 + cheapest shipping I can find (probally $8 flat rate usps). Or come get it in Eastern NC. Jim Sold
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    For you bargain hunters - has a deal afoot - 20% off up to $20 for a first order. Makes an $88.76 Shinko Raven 160/60ZR-17 rear $71 - a deal! Shows up on smartphone, not on laptop?! My existing Shinko is squaring off - gonna get one in advance. Jim
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    Removing intake restriction

    Anybody know about this? Any evidence that it works (adds power)? Maybe in concert with an aftermarket exhaust? Thanks, Jim How to derestrict Honda NC700 engine from 35kW (A2) to 38kW (51HP)? - YouTube
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    Intercom app

    I occasionally ride with a passenger and having the ability to communicate with her would be a real plus. I use an inexpensive bt headset - here: Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sport Handfree Stereo Headphone&Earphone Universal | eBay It is cheap, works well for music/GPS directions, and if I...
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    1STORM helmet

    I have probably 8 helmets of various age/condition/utility. I currently use a kbc 201s which is a snell approved full face with a scratched visor. I also have a snug modular Fullmer that I kinda like but my gf likes to use it. Considering a value-priced 1STORM for its flipup design, dual...
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    VIR CCS race 9/16-17

    Considering going to this VIR bike race 9/16-17: Champion Cup Series Fall CycleFest of Speed - Sep 16 at Virginia International Raceway $15 in advance for 2 days. I would like to camp out on the grounds (is free and simplifies some things at the expense of schlepping camping equipment), but...
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    Virginia International Raceway

    See this link. Charity laps on this gorgeous raceway, bikes and cars: Spring Charity Laps Set for March 3!      🚗 This was today and I couldn't go. But there are two bike races coming up, Superbike in May and a sportsmans class in June. This place is gorgeous for all you...
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    another windscreen string!

    Gentlemen - I have been struggling with wind noise on my 2012. Kluged a system with a Spitfire on top of the sawed-off Honda touring screen that came on the bike. Works well, but kinda fugly and it needs to go back to my XL350R. Effective and decent looking (to me) is a challenge. Bought a...
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    fuel economy with passenger and trunk

    I thought I would share a little anecdotal info. I finally completed the mounting of my $45 52L trunk on my tail. Not too hard, just took some time to find a round tuit. Needed it for GF's stuff. Took a short intro ride with my setup this past weekend. 50+ miles w/o her (but weekend...
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    handlebar risers

    Thought I would share a little experience. Bought these off eBay for $18 shipped: CNC Aluminum Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit 7/8" Bars 30mm Motorcycle ATV Dirt Bike A9 after concluding taller bars would lessen wrist fatigue, but not wanting an expensive or difficult mod. Direct install, no...
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    driving lights

    Added a pair of 8watt LED units. Small and do not interfere with forks using the Honda lightbar. Wired into the high beam side of the headlight with Siamese lug tap. Minor power increase (1.5amps) over the 60watt halogen bulb, so hope no fuse issues. Wanted more daytime recognition -...
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    first fuel gage bar on

    This just happened: when I shut off the bike the first bar of the fuel gage stays lit (with key off). No blinking or change. Does this mean something? I looked in manual and searched - no info. thanks.
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    Givi vs Puig NC700X windshield comparison

    Guys - I researched this and cannot find what I seek: Does anybody have direct comparison of the effectiveness of these two windshields? Wind noise is my main criterion. And I prefer to NOT use an additional adjustable attachment on the top - they cost as much as the screen! I know, many...
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    Madstad screen rake

    I am still fussing with my windscreen. Am loathe to suffer the buy/try repeat 'do loop' until I get it right at $100-$300 a shot. I have read the comments/posts, but still confused. My main goal is wind noise in my helmet. Not the end of the world (I use plugs), but I want to fix! I have...
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    starting question

    My 2012 NC is a sweet ride that I like (reversed front Conti Motion aside and soon to be resolved) and learning to love. Slowly feeling my way thru it and making mods as they become apparent. I have noticed that it does not start as quickly as when I first got it (at 17K miles, now has 20K)...
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    conti motion front mounted in reverse

    I put new Conti Motions on my NC 2000 miles ago. Nice tires. But during washing yesterday discovered that the front was mounted in reverse. Really POed at the shop (they also grossly misaligned my rear which I corrected)). There is some uneven wear on the front - left side more worn than...
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    horn upgrade

    Stock horn pitiful. Want an easy upgrade (no wiring). Am away from bike on a biztrip - what is the amp draw of stock horn? And the claimed spl (db)? Would this be better: 1x 12V Loud Car Auto Truck Electric Vehicle Horn Snail Horn Sound Level 110dB FE | eBay $4, 110db, 4amps. Thanks, Jim
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    inexpensive trunk and jacket

    Didn't know where to put this: Does anybody have any experience with this (or similar) unit?: MOTORCYCLE SCOOTER DUAL SPORT HARD TRUNK TOP CASE CARRY - T-MOTORSPORTS Online Store Pretty cheap - $45 shipped. They have a bigger and smaller one, too. I realize it is likely cheesy and...
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    headlamp bulb

    Lo beam burned out. Been using hi all the time. Now it burbed out. Must replace. Finally got it out (very tight) and it's hanging under the plastic. What the hell is this? The connection is not standard H4 - now an inline connector on the feed wire. HELP!