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  1. Big Thump

    Traded my bike in

    I decided it was time to downsize the bikes in my garage, and struck a deal with my dealer on a 2014 Vstrom Adventure DL1000. They offered me a great trade in value on my Honda NC which sweetened the deal. Although I loved the Honda, I really wanted the new Strom so, I did the deed. The Honda...
  2. Big Thump

    New Sticky's

    I reallly liked the Michelin PR3's I spooned on the NC last time I changed tires. This time, I bought the PR4's. Pretty close to same, but a little different tred pattern. Can't wait to try them out. Still have about 1k miles left on current tires.
  3. Big Thump

    Ride with TerryinFla

    Short video Riding with FlaTerry - YouTube I have been on a few rides with TerryinFla from this forum. When you think you have ridden all the roads possible in a 300 mile radius of home, somehow he was able to show us some new ones. My wifes CTX had a Master Link pull out at the end of the...
  4. Big Thump

    Claw of the Dragon

    Short video looking back from the NC700X at my wifes CTX700D. This road had plenty of Pucker Pellets scattered in it but it was fun to ride. If you are ever up in Wytheville, VA. I recommend the ride. BTW - I know she went a little wide in one corner but corrected quickly. Maybe avoiding...
  5. Big Thump

    Becky Mountain Road - North Carolina

    Sometimes when you talk with locals from the area, you find out about their favorite rides. This one was shared by our Desk Clerk in Sapphire, N.C.. We really enjoyed it, and hope you enjoy the video. Make sure and switch to High Def as it makes a difference in the viewing. Becky Mountain Road...
  6. Big Thump

    NC700X & CTX700D on Back of the Dragon

    We took a two week ride up into the blueridge mountains to beat the heat here in Florida. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Big Thump

    Iowa Only Non Represented State

    Based on the member map (as best as I can tell), Iowa needs to step up!
  8. Big Thump

    Florida Scenic Backroads

    We rode up to Ocala for Kentucky Derby party. No real curves but great horse country and canopy roads. Video is much better if you set your settings to HD. Florida Backroads Riding - YouTube Hope you enjoy the ride along.
  9. Big Thump

    Any old road will take you there

    A couple of roads in our own back yard. Any Road Will Take You There - YouTube
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    Aw man! I got on to ride to work this morning and noticed the high beam light was on. Dark out so I hit the low beam switch and it did not go off. I get off bike and sure enough my headlight is out. So, I am guessing a fuse blew. Anyone have this happen? Does the light have it's own dedicated...
  11. Big Thump

    Meet and Ride with Florida Rider

    I met TerryinFla a few weeks ago and loaned him my Service Manual. He brought it back a few days later and we got to talking about getting together for a future ride. He has a new Red NC700X and it was a picture perfect day in Wesley Chapel. We met about 10:00am at my house and along with my...
  12. Big Thump

    Machined Highway Pegs

    I have a very good friend that used to race and has some fabrication talent. I was over at his house one day and mentioned I was thinking of adding some highway pegs to the NC700X. Next thing I know, he was taking measurements of the frame. Today, he and his wife dropped by the house and he had...
  13. Big Thump

    Honda Topcase Rack

    I did an advance search and saw a few posts with questions if the Givi topcase rack would fit on the OEM topcase. I never found an answer or picture with one on it. I was wondering if anyone has added a Givi rack to the topcase or not? I have a couple of Kermit chairs and a break down fishing...
  14. Big Thump

    Server Must Have Been Down

    Cloudy, rainy and chilly here in Wesley Chapel today and the forum has been down. I kind of missed my daily dose of reading. Glad it is back up now.
  15. Big Thump

    Lightbar Light Mount

    A member had posted a CAD drawing of some mounts he fabricated for the lightbar about 5 months ago. I tried searching for the drawing but couldn't come up with it. Does anyone have it or know the title of the thread it was posted under?
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    Testing again.
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    Shhhhh - Taking a test!:p
  18. Big Thump

    NC700 Owners Map

    Per a great suggestion on another post, I made a Google map showing our geographic locations. This map is a great way to find out who is close to us. If you want to be added to this map, reply here with your zip code (if in USA) and I will add your screen name to the map...
  19. Big Thump

    Nc700x & ctx700d

    Leaving Tampa, Fl for Eaton Rapids, MI. 497 miles yesterday on the super highway. I am on the NC700X and my wife is on the CTX700D (DCT). Bikes handle very much the same on the highway. The CTX seems to have a bit more torque in the mid-range than the NC but she will give up advantage when we...
  20. Big Thump

    NC700X & CTX700D Trip

    Since we were doing an over night trip to Melbourne from Tampa, we decided to have some fun with the GoPro. It is in HD so if you have a fast connection and you switch your settings in Youtube it looks better (I don't look better). Hope you enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor in the video. CTX700D &...