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  1. bigjeff

    Email for Hondabikepro

    Wanting to purchase some windshield nutplates from HONDABIKEPRO. Saw on his profile he has not been logging in regularly lately - so anyone have a direct email address for him?
  2. bigjeff

    The X-plorer

    I was looking at this picture (it has been posted before) and find it very attractive. No front fender? Interesting look.
  3. bigjeff

    Wheel Axle diameter

    Thinking about purchasing a tire changing machine. Anyone know off hand what the center axle hole diameter is on the NC700X wheels?
  4. bigjeff

    Will a Bell Arrow helmet fit in Frunk?

    Will a Bell Arrow helmet fit in Frunk? Anyone have one? They are on sale for like $39 - and if it fits in the frunk, I may snag one.
  5. bigjeff

    future NC700x rider

    My grandson HAS to come into the garage everytime he visits and sit on all the bikes. He likes the NC the most and would sit on it all night pushing buttons and making motorcycle noises with his mouth if I would let him. Lil stinker....:cool:
  6. bigjeff

    did the 8000 mile thingy last Saturday

    Just reached 8000 miles, so I put her up on the lift, opened her up and did the 8000 mile valve check, changed the oil and filter, and also upgraded the coolant. I went to Cycle Logic's Engine ICE (real good for the hot Florida Weather). For the oil, I went with Castrol ActEvo X-Tra 4T...
  7. bigjeff

    Turn signal relay for LED turn signals

    I have been trying to track one of these down without paying $50 for a $10 relay. NC700 shop wants $24 plus $24 shipping for the one they advertise. ouch! Anyone know of a US or cheaper source?
  8. bigjeff

    CBR turn signal lens - again

    Ok, so I saw what others did with the 2012 CBR1000R turn signal lenses and liked the look so I did it too. Took a pic of the great tab mystery mod to share with others to get them to fit properly. Fist - buy the crap, two left - two Dont' forget the amber bulbs, 1157 front...
  9. bigjeff

    + 1 for the Dzell RADIATOR GUARD - COVER

    So i ordered the Dzell RADIATOR GUARD, COVER off ebay. Comes from the far east but got here super fast. Like 5 days from order to delivery. Thing was packed tight and is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I like it alot: Nice packing Good instructions - all you need is the pics, can't read...
  10. bigjeff

    Webike [Japan's] Daytona Fenderless Kit

    Anyone install one of these from the Webike site in Japan? What I am wondering is does it have a connector so it is plug and play or do you have to splice in the wiring? DAYTONA : Fender less kit [77441]
  11. bigjeff

    Honda Sales

    Honda sells 4.2 million motorcycles worldwide in one quarter? wow - am I reading that right?
  12. bigjeff

    Blacking out screen names

    Why do people (well - you know who you are) adjust their settings so others cannot view their screen name without clicking on their profile. I mean - what is the point of doing that. It is hard to track who is saying what. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  13. bigjeff

    DanMoto XG-1 Twin Pipe exhaust

    $80 for the pipe and exhaust - $124 shipped to the US. Super cheap but very strong and well made for what it is. All stainless steel - nice welds. NO BAFFLES - straight through with perforated sides and packing - like an old school musclecar glass pack. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart...
  14. bigjeff

    new cb500s from Honda...

    2013 Honda CBR500R, CB500F & CB500X [Official] - YouTube
  15. bigjeff

    2012 Honda [NC 700 S & NC 700 X] technical explanation video

    cool video to see the lopey firing order of the nc700 engine... 2012 Honda DCT engine (Integra + NC 700 S & NC 700 X) technical explanation - YouTube
  16. bigjeff

    Pic of my NC700X with a few friends

    Pic of my NC700X with a few friends.....note I did put the center stand on!!!
  17. bigjeff

    Got a new NC700X

    New to the NC700X but not new to motorcycle forums or motorcycles. I just rebuilt a 32 year old Honda CB900C for nostalgia sake (had one new back in the day). Bought the NC700X to be my daily commute bike and the 700 has turned out to be way much more. Extreemly fun bike to ride. bigjeff