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    Crossbar add-on?

    Anyone added a crossbar to the handle bars for mounting GPS and related? Something like this: "Cross Bar - 320mm - Touratech-USA" Not sure if that one fits, but that's there general ideal I am thinking.
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    Saturday, December 14 - Riding Group Oviedo, FL to Sarasota, FL and Back

    I'm riding tomorrow with the Oviedo Motorcycle Riders from Oviedo Townhouse (wheels up 8am) to Yoder's Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. This is a mixed bike riding group, very relaxed, fun, and the ride leader is a master at finding roads no one even knew existed. I'll be taking my NC700X on...
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    NC700X DCT Won't Start

    So I went to turn on my NC700X DCT yesterday and it would not start. When I turn the ignition key, all is good, I get power to the system. When I flip the kill switch the fuel pump noise kicks in and I see the Gear Indicator change from "-" to "1". When I press the Starter Button... NADA. Not a...
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    Insurance Comparison

    Just got my "updated" insurance for my bike, and it makes a very interesting comparison. I have two motorcycles: 2011 Victory Cross Roads w/ Hard Bags, Forged Bars, Stage 1 Performance Upgrade, Mid-Windshield, Rear Crash Bars, Trunk, Front/Rear Fender, etc. About $20K for the bike and another...
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    Go Cruise Throttle Lock

    I got the Go Cruise Control and I can speak very highly for it. Matches the bike perfectly and works super easy. Took 10 seconds to install. Took it for a long ride Sunday and it was super convenient and smooth. Go Cruise Throttle Lock Throttle Assist for 7 8 inch Handlebars | eBay
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    Motopak Luggage GTS-60

    I went ahead and ordered the Motopak Luggage GTS-60 that someone else recommended (can't find the post now). It was under $100, which is rather amazing. Manufacturer Web Site: .:: Welcome to - Premium sportbike and cruiser luggage bags ::. Where I ordered it from...
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    Orlando, Florida

    Well, since I put a deposit down, time for an intro. I just put a deposit on a 2012 NC700X DCT ABS (last one in the state of Florida). I'll pick it up Saturday. I sold a 2004 Victory Vegas to make space for this bike. My main bike is a 2011 Victory Cross Roads. I also drive a 2012 Chevrolet Volt...