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  1. rpvanoyen

    Is engine braking bad? I mean really braking by the engine...

    I think that Honda didn't include rev matching, because that would make the bike less fuel efficient. ;)
  2. rpvanoyen

    Is engine braking bad? I mean really braking by the engine...

    After most has been told by others, let me put a coin in the bucket too. IMO the best advantage of using the engine braking force (on tarmac that is), is keeping full control of the bike as traction is hardly compromised by the lack of shifting wheel pressure. Also braking the rear wheel (by...
  3. rpvanoyen

    Which screen for a newbie?

    You CAN make the Madstad look much better on any bike, by changing the mirrors, especially with off-road/folding ones. ;)
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    Information Sharing my Future USA Touring Routes

    Hi there! Several years ago I had loads of free time due to unwanted unemployment and filled that time by dreaming about riding the USA during a long holiday. As every state has its charme I couldn't decide where to go, so I explored all the states by using Google Earth and designed routes by...
  5. rpvanoyen

    Low gas warning

    Yes, thank you for that clearer explanation.
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    Hi from The Netherlands

    Congratulations on your good health then! I can happily admit that in the past year, I enjoy my own company and long talks with myself. ;) My 87 year old mom sometimes try to hook me up to a nurse when I accompany her to the hospital for regularly check-ups. LOL Oh well, as long as the...
  7. rpvanoyen

    Hi from The Netherlands

    I know, here the activity keeps on kicking. Lots of useful knowledge and good advice based on experience available too. I try to do my (small) share as well. I (still) sometimes do miss the FJR1300 for its comfort and power, but love the NC for its ease of handling and running costs.
  8. rpvanoyen

    Down but not out!!!

    Thank you! And yes, I only do ATGATT too. On hot summer days (higher than 30 C / 86 F) I don't ride at all. Can't keep up a safe level of concentration during the trip. Rather enjoy cold Belgium beers in the garden instead...
  9. rpvanoyen

    Low gas warning

    Furthermore, during the first litre / quarter gallon reserve fuel, the trip counter comes back when riding straight up with constant speed and disappears again when tilting the bike during slower cornering. This process repeats many times and drives me crazy. :mad: Maybe this annoying thing is...
  10. rpvanoyen

    Down but not out!!!

    Don't exactly know what ATGATT means, but it probably points out to always wear riding gear...? Glad you are okay, hopefully no damage on the bike too. Looks like a soft landing.
  11. rpvanoyen

    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    I have to choose one I guess, so then this would be the satellite controlled chain oiler. My NC is my first chain driven bike in 25 years and I expected that regularly cleaning and oiling the chain soon would be forgotten, and I was right. So I contacted the Dutch engineer who designed the...
  12. rpvanoyen

    Low gas warning

    Just a late note. The indication when on reserve I find very confusing and it irritates me not having the trip counter on-screen. Therefor I look for a refueling stop when the bottom fuel bar starts flashing. By that time it's usually a good time for a break anyway (around 320 kms / 200 mls).
  13. rpvanoyen

    Hi from The Netherlands

    So... Meantime I know I can keep the house (and mortgage) what I call home since 2003, with the offered help from my family. Therefor I started several DIY-"Man Cave"-projects for interior (illuminated bedside tables, mediarack, TV-cabinet, bathroom) as well as the green garden which won't be...
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    Hi from The Netherlands

    Long time no write... It has been a strange and difficult year due to divorce issues, too much physical and mental stress in a new 12-14 hour/day job as a truck driver so I lost that job (but kept this experience), followed by the Corona. Got therapy and am slowly recovering. Despite the causes...
  15. rpvanoyen

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Hi all! Many "things" have happened since my last post (3 years ago... Sorry...). I know for sure that state the weblinks instead of typing the whole story here, will be the best option. Nevertheless all contributions combined, it's probably way too much information to read. It's in my nature...
  16. rpvanoyen

    Chain Oilers ... Are they really useful?

    My former bikes all had shaft drive so only needed to change the gear oil once every two years and that was it. It took me a while before I knew enough about chain drive, that it would be just as simple as a shaft drive is. Probably even more simple as most parts can easily be inspected at any...
  17. rpvanoyen

    Top speed frustration

    I have a 750X DCT with stock sprockets and 20 inch MadStad screen. With a light front breeze, mine does 110 mph max. It hits 90 mph quite fast, but any further increase takes some patience (which I don't have in general). Upto 80 mph the bike's rides wonderful, no need to go any faster anyway...
  18. rpvanoyen

    What to do first???

    Hi Vinny, I have a 750X DCT. As I only ride on asphalt/tarmac, the first upgrade I made were better grippy tyres (Pirelli Angel GT), followed by the suspension (Hyperpro front & rear). These upgrades (approx. 600 Euros) make a huge difference in control and safety. I made more changes but those...
  19. rpvanoyen

    NC700X or NC750X auto model as your only m/c

    Due to rheumatism I swapped in 2016 my Yamaha FJR1300 (2003, manual) to a 2015 Honda NC750X DCT. I thought initially that the change was hard for me (I always ride solo) as I really loved the FJR, but the NC is such an easy to handle substitute, that I have not missed the FJR yet. At high speed...
  20. rpvanoyen

    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I'm pretty sure that the brand name sticker is applied before the clear varnish layers were sprayed on, which encapsules the sticker... This makes sense as I often use alcohol (isopropanol 96%) to clean the shell. If the sticker was applied on top of this varnish, it would have come off at the...