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    How Does one remove Bar Weights?

    Since I'm waiting for spring to sprung, I decided to install my heated grips and hand guards. I was doing well till I went to remove the inner bar weights. There seems to be a clip - Item 13 ( seen in the parts graphic) There are 2 holes at the end of the bar I am assuming these clips...
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    Honda cover

    I received my Honda NC700X cover, It's made to fit with all the Honda accessories, It has covered vents on both sides and zippers to open flaps to access the panniers and top box when installed. My bike stays in the garage at home, but I got the cover to use when it sits outside at motels on...
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    Honda Light Bar light bracket install

    So I received my Honda Light Bar and it installed without a problem. The light bar has tapped holes (6M-1.25) for mounting lights. I designed a simple mounting plate to attach my LED lights. I used 1/8" plate steel and powder coated them with low gloss black. I wired the light s to plug in to...
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    I went to install the SW-MOTECH Crash bars today. The right side seems to bolt up fine, but the left side does not line up, the bolt hole is almost 1/4 inch off. Anyone else have this problem? and a solution? Thanks Steve
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    Joined the club today.

    Picked up my NC700X today, Manuel 6 speed. Different animal than my CBR600 but adjusted quickly. Put a little over 100 miles on it so far.