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  1. GoRovers

    How to release taillight clip?

    I don't have much mechanical experience, so sorry if this question seems too basic. I want to install an inline taillight flasher (Vizi-Tek SupaBrake), but I don't know a) how to release the top tab to separate the two halves of the wiring connector, and b) whether or not the bottom of connector...
  2. GoRovers

    SOLD! Stock Front Seat (barely used)

    Selling a stock front seat that was taken off a low mileage 2015 NC700X (and replaced with a Sargent). Condition is excellent. No grommets/bushings included. The seat is listed on eBay for $78, but my fellow forum members can have it for $45 + shipping. (Or local pick-up here in Orange County, CA.)
  3. GoRovers

    Tuna sandwich was my second choice

  4. GoRovers

    Finally arrived: New Givi EA116 tank bag designed for the NC

    After a 2+ month backorder wait, I just received the new Givi EA116 tank bag from Twisted Throttle. It's designed to fit 2016+ NC700X/NC750X. It fits securely, looks good and detaches quickly so I can easily take my "stuff" into a restaurant, etc. I'm not a fan of panniers, so this new Givi...
  5. GoRovers

    Motorcycle hand signals EXPLAINED

    In this 30-second video you'll see how motorcyclists use hand signals to communicate with each other during a ride.
  6. GoRovers

    Video: Malibu, Mulholland and Lane Filtering

    Enjoy watching this 5-minute Riding with Lee video titled "Malibu, Mulholland and Lane Filtering." Four of us (Bob, Patch, Steve and Lee) ride through the sweepers and canyons of Malibu, across Mulholland Highway and up the Snake to the Lookout. Along the way you'll see (legal in California)...
  7. GoRovers

    Riding with Lee on his NC: Palos Verdes, Long Beach and Chuck's Weasel

    Here's a 4-minute video of my 4-hour Sunday ride, including witty annotations and jazzy music. On my 2016 NC700XD I ride from home in Yorba Linda, California to Palos Verdes, then back into Long Beach for a tasty "Weasel" lunch at Chuck's.
  8. GoRovers

    Bit of fun: Honda NC700X DCT smokes a Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom... or does it?

    In this 22-second video you'll see a 2016 Honda NC700X DCT (dual clutch transmission) smoke a 2007 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom (manual transmission)... or will you? Spoiler: At first the NC's DCT shifts flawlessly, while the V-Strom human shifter struggles! But, ultimately, 670cc torque is no match...
  9. GoRovers

    Wanted in SoCal: used NC700X DCT

    I have a friend here in Southern California who wants to buy a used DCT version the NC700X. (He really likes my 2016 DCT.) If you have or know of one for sale, please let me know.
  10. GoRovers

    First video: Sena Prism Tube helmet cam w/ mic

    Last week I bought the Sena Prism Tube helmet camera and created my first 5-minute video with it. Mounting options for a camera onto a modular (flip-up) motorcycle helmet like my Nolan N-104 are limited. (Top mount is impossible.) So I used 3M tape and mounted the "Tube" to the right/lower side...
  11. GoRovers

    My early-ride safety mantra

    "Riding with Lee: Safety Mantra" is an 88-second video that details verbal reminders I tell myself during the first few minutes of a ride.
  12. GoRovers

    Used Dunlop Trailmax D609 front and rear tires with 2000 miles (SoCal pickup only)

    For my NC-riding friends here in Southern California, if you want my Dunlop Trailmax D609 front and rear tires, just let me know. (Maybe buy me a cup of coffee when you come to pick them up.) I took these off my 2016 Honda NC700X before they showed signs of wearing out because I switched to...
  13. GoRovers

    Dunlop Trailmax alongside Michelin PR4...night and day difference!

    Despite having only 2000+ miles on my 2016 NC700X DCT, I've decided to ditch the stock Dunlop Trailmax tires for a set of Michelin PR4s. I'll have my mechanic mount/balance the front and rear PR4s this week. I took this side-by-side photo of the current and new tires. I ride 100% for pleasure...
  14. GoRovers

    Cannot upload or link to JPG photos

    Admins: For the last two days I cannot upload or link to any JPG photos. Error message: "upload failed" or "file too large." As an IT guy, I tried all the obvious stuff: made a very small JPG (no luck), tried various browsers (Opera/Chrome, Firefox, etc. (no luck). Did you change something to do...
  15. GoRovers

    Fanny Frunk!

    Since the frunk key mod doesn't work well with the (expensive) 2016+ keys, I leave my frunk unlocked while riding, enabling me to reach in at red lights (or while riding slowly) and take a sip of water. In the unlikely-but-possible event of a spill, my wallet and cell phone -- also in the...
  16. GoRovers

    Two ex-Brits on NCs: Ortega Highway, Lake Elsinore and Lake Mathews (CA)

    Enjoy watching this 3-minute video of yesterday's Southern California motorcycle ride, featuring two NC-riding curmudgeons, both originally from England (as evidenced by the Union Jack) on the back of my helmet. This annotated and captioned video features Brit pop music, a polite CHP officer and...
  17. GoRovers

    Riding buddy caught my NC fever

    My riding buddy for the past 16 years, Steve, grew tired of hearing me rant about how good my 2016 NC700X was, so he sold his other bike (Honda ST1300) and bought his own NC. Steve's verdict after last weekend's ride to Lake Elsinore and Lake Matthews: thumbs up! (He got a good deal on his used...
  18. GoRovers

    Feeling a Bit Better about my Bungee

    Has anyone had a luggage-holding bungee cord fail mid-ride? Normally I don't need luggage on my NC700XD, but last weekend I needed some extra storage space for a longer ride. I used two heavy-duty (not regular) bungee cords to secure my old Cortech Sport tail bag to the rear seat. (See photos...
  19. GoRovers

    You meet the nicest people on a, Meetup ride!

    I've formed a few groups in the past, mainly for business and bicycling. Last week I launched a new Meetup group here in Orange County, California, It's called NOCSMMMR, which means North Orange County Sunday, Mid-Morning Motorcycle Riders. Here's the link: North Orange County Sunday...
  20. GoRovers

    Resolved: fitment issue with Sargent World Performance Seat

    I ordered and received a Sargent World Performance Seat for my 2016 Honda NC700X. The photo on their website looked like this: However the one I received and installed looked like this! Company president / R&D director Mark (and salesperson Bob) provided excellent customer...