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  1. TGorman

    SOLD : 2013 - Givi Luggage, Center Stand, Heated Grips, Seat Concepts, Brand New Tires - Atlanta

    I'm sad to see this bike go, but I want to get back on a dual sport adventure bike. I bought this NC700 in 2015 and it had 235 miles on it. It has given me zero issues and been an absolutely fantastic machine! Most of my riding is 200-400 mile day mountain runs and 3-4 day camping trips. I kept...
  2. TGorman

    Day Ride - N.GA + TN + NC Starting at TWO Suches, GA

    I think I need some two wheeled therapy. I'm going to run some miles this Sat, June 18th. I will stop at TWO if anyone wants to join me and meet me there. The route will be up 60 > 68 > C.hola Skyway > 28 (Lunch in Franklin, NC) > 64 > 75 >RBR > Blood Mntn. Last time I did a similar route its...
  3. TGorman

    Hello from Atlanta

    Hey everyone, I’ve been lurking for a while and I just realized I have not done an introduction. So, here it is! My name is Tom and I live on the north side of Atlanta. I recently picked up a 13’ I found on ebay. The guy I bought it from, bought it new, rode it once and parked it. As you can...