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  1. Trevboyy

    Exhaust Diameters

    Im looking into a new exhaust and came across a LeoVince LV One Evo and it says it fits Nc's from 2012-2013. I was curious if anyone knows if Honda changed the diameters in the exhaust system, of if i can just run this on my 2015 model.
  2. Trevboyy

    Long term effects of exhaust leak

    I was gifted an ali express exhaust just about a year ago and since installation its had 2 small spots where it leaks. One area being the middle pipe, and the other being the slip-on area. I've tried different angles to see if I can eliminate the leak but its the best I can do without using...
  3. Trevboyy

    Hello from Phoenix Arizona!

    Hello everybody this was one of my very first forums I EVER visited for any advice on anything I've ever dug into. I bought my bike new from a dealership around the early July of 2017 and its the ONLY vehicle I own, so I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to keep it in tip top...