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  1. rpvanoyen

    Information Sharing my Future USA Touring Routes

    Hi there! Several years ago I had loads of free time due to unwanted unemployment and filled that time by dreaming about riding the USA during a long holiday. As every state has its charme I couldn't decide where to go, so I explored all the states by using Google Earth and designed routes by...
  2. rpvanoyen

    Anyone have the Rigid Industries Ignite installed?

    To make my bike more visible during the day and to make night riding more relaxed, I intend to buy these light set. As far as I've read, the RI brand is a really good quality and provide good customer services if needed. The Ignite has a low as well as high output - switched through the...
  3. rpvanoyen

    Mounting GoPro cam to MadStad brackets?

    Hi all! I would like to mount my cam between the brackets, as it is out of the wind noise and has the best recorded image. Does anyone have some advise how to do this, of course without interfering the adjustability of the screen? Greetz! Rene
  4. rpvanoyen

    Repositioning my horn #2

    Last year I had the single stock horn replaced by a Hella dual horn at the dealer. The #1 high tone was mounted at the original point, the #2 low tone was mounted under de headlight between the upper forks. At first this seemed fine until I encountered a big speed bump which caused a damaged...
  5. rpvanoyen

    Switch Box for accessoires

    Hi there, Before I'm building (altering) the additional electrics on my bike, I like making a schematic plan in advance. That way any improvements can be made during planning, which occurs up to three times on most occasions. I like to share the plan as I have it in mind now. The switch...
  6. rpvanoyen

    Mounting a second horn to the left (vertical) frame tube

    Hi all, As I experienced the problem of the mounted horn (done by the dealer) between the forks and its reduced spring travel (it hit the top of the fender quite hard yesterday), I removed it ofcourse. I would like to mount it onto the left frame tube as low a possible, so it's on somewhat...
  7. rpvanoyen

    How to activate that flashing red HISS light again?

    Hi all! Just a thingy that came to my thoughts today... When I bought the bike (new), every time when I turned the ignition off, in the dashboard (left corner I believe) a little red light flashes for 24 hours, acknowledging that Honda's HISS is activated. After having the bike serviced for...
  8. rpvanoyen

    Christmas gift from me

    Hi all! I selected 50 routes from my handmade collection of GPS motorcycle routes throughout the USA. You are welcome to download the Sample Pack which can be found at GPS Biker Routes - Unique and exciting motorcycle rides. Just a small Christmas gift for you and to share. I hope you...
  9. rpvanoyen

    Anti reflective adhesive for dashboard

    Hi there! While riding with the sun in my back, I'm often blinded by the sunlight reflected on the dash. Does anyone know some transparent plastic foil, similar to those anti-reflective smartphone screen protectors?
  10. rpvanoyen

    converting stock mirrors into folding ones?

    Hi all, Every time I park my bike at home, I hit the outer end of the mirrors to the wall, as the space is a little bit too narrow. Now I know that KTM as well as Touratech has "folding mirrors" available, BUT I like the stock mirrors for their overview. Does anyone know if there are...
  11. rpvanoyen

    Top case GIVI V40 (Monokey series)

    Hi all, I would like to have this top case installed, but does anyone have this exact same case on his/her bike? Do you experience annoying turbulence around the case? Thanks for any reply / advice. Greetz, RP
  12. rpvanoyen

    Hi from The Netherlands

    I'm René (45) and own an 2003 Yamaha FJR1300A. However, due to acute rheumatoid arthritis which started March last, it would be a smart choice to replace it with a lighter bike once the RA is under control in a few months. So I asked my motorcycle shop to find me a Honda NC750X DCT. I like the...